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    (4.2/5) 10 rates
    MataZa, 29 december 2018 20:12

    Jack the Barbarian

    Jack the Barbarian is an old-school  survival RPG made by Cloaz Studio available on steam.
    Game is about a kid (has one of best beards I have ever seen) who is trying to survive by fishing, fighting, farming and selling stuff you find.

    The beginning 
    You start the game by talking to the  elder of the village(possibly your father) telling you that it's up to you to take charge of his farm and take care of yourself.
    After that you go walking around the village talking to people and stealing stuff from their houses (mostly seeds or small amounts of gold).
    You walk around and get new quests, for example someone might need some fish and you need to catch some.For reward you might get health potions or gold. You use gold to buy new weapons and armor and after that the real survival begins. Fight against monsters, elves and pirates begins who will win is up to you.

    Like in every old school RPG you have 5 main options: Fight, Magic, Item, Guard and Run which for some reason is never available.
    I recommend to avoid battle until you get new equipment or until you get some health and mana potions because most of the time you will  be outnumbered and enemies do some serious damage. 
    You can know who the enemies are because they are mostly moving while friendly NPCs are just standing.

    Fishing and farming
    Fishing in this game is not a bad way to earn some extra gold, neither is farming but there is just one problem...
    You are not shown how to farm of how to fish, I mean I know you need seeds and fishing hook but you get no help to show you how or where to get that.
    The NPC which is supposed to teach you how to fish tells you you need to find a fishing hook and after you find it he just says where you can fish... That's it. But it's hard to understand it yourself and it did take me some exploring to find the darn hook.
    Sometimes your hook would simply just break, no explanation why so it does take some time to actually catch some fish so I would stick to farming.

    What can you do in this game?
    Well you can fish and farm, but also you can craft stuff like new weapons and armor, you can also sail your own boat go fight some pirates, you can become a miner and a chef, yep you can cook food which you use to heal yourself in battle.

    My opinion about the game!!!
    It's interesting it has a some  good stuff about it like: it's cheap (less than 2$), it has a nice 2D art and good soundtrack, crafting system is OK and SOME battles are fun.
    But is also has a lot of bad stuff, some of those are: Monsters and items do not respawn making it hard to lvl up, fights are hard I mean way to hard and the rewards you get are way to low considering you need to buy a bunch of health potions which are not cheap and when you die you have to start from the beginning, farming is boring you can only plant one vegetable even though you do get it fully grown immediately. No story whatsoever, NPCs have one or two badly written lines of text and that's it.
    I'm not halfway to writing everything that is bad about this game.

    Should you buy it?
    Honestly, no the game is really short and it gets really boring fast, so even though it is only 2$ I would not buy it.

    Rate this article Jack the Barbarian

    (4.2/5) 10 rates


    I know you need seeds and fishing

    31 december 2018 14:57

    thats cool game heal yourself in battle

    31 december 2018 14:56

    good game 😀

    12 november 2019 16:52

    The NPC which is supposed to teach you how to fish tells you you need to

    5 may 2020 02:20

    It looks good, nice article, nice game

    3 january 2019 16:40

    good article

    1 january 2019 16:19

    It's ok, need more contents.

    31 december 2018 17:28

    Sounds like the game has a lot of potential but looks like, unfortunately, the developer never really updated the game to add more content.

    8 november 2019 16:18

    last sentence is best

    18 june 2020 18:44

    a good good game

    31 january 2020 12:27