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    Rate this article "Is it worth buying? -Aragami"

    (4/5) 13 rates
    MrArd, 4 december 2018 16:54

    Is it worth buying? -Aragami

    Have you ever wanted to be a shadow ninja created with a ritual thanks to a spirit? Well now you can with Aragami

    Have you ever wanted to play a game being a ninja made from darkness well Aragami is just for you!

    Aragami is a beautiful game that is made with Unity Engine. It got released on 4th of October 2016. Games reviews are very positive. In the game, you are a Ninja created by the shadows. The game has 12 Chapters and each chapter is harder than the other one. The game has an awesome storyline. But is it worth buying it and playing it? Would it waste your precious time? Let's see if it is worth buying it;


    Aragami is created by Lince Works. The studio got created in 2014 but in 2016 they made this beautiful masterpiece of a game. The sounds are made by Two Feathers Studio which is a studio makes high-quality sounds and music. The game's engine is Unity Engine.

    Story(Very Mild Spoilers)

    You are a ninja that is created by shadows and you have to kill (or not) soldiers that use light, complete tasks, and gain powers from parchments to finish chapters. The first parchment is easy to find but some of them are hidden. Soldiers get stronger every chapter you go. Sometimes you see flashbacks of what happened. In the story a spirit called Yamiko summons you and you sometimes see flashbacks of what happened. You are named Aragami and you have to stop the soldiers of light. They killed Yamiko's family and her town. So they are the "bad" guys. The story is a great story that makes players play more and more. When I bought it for the first time I played the game and I said I will only play it 10 minutes but when I closed the game I saw it had been two hours. Well, the story gets a 9/10 from me because it sometimes makes you kill a lot of enemies for no reason well you don't have to kill them but it would be boring if you didn't kill them. 


    In Aragami, you can play single-player or multiplayer with your friends. In my opinion Aragami is a lot more fun when you play it with friends. Well, its gameplay has a unique style to it because you can create shadows, teleport to shadows and much more. A game like this has to have a Japanese feel to it well it has it with the games building, the language they are speaking in and a lot more. The game has subtitles and I will go on it after a while. The game is in Japan (as expected) and there are Japanese building Japanese characters and more. The game has that Japan feel to it and it's nice. You unlock skills with parchments and get stronger with them. The game itself has a twist at the end which is a nice touch but it's a bit cliche. But the gameplay and games mechanics are good but sometimes the light soldiers kill you when you kill someone because it plays an animation which sucks. It won't take that much of a time to learn the controls. Overall the controls get 10/10 from me.

    Music And Sounds

    The game's music is created by Two Feather Studio which is a studio that makes high-quality music and sounds. Characters talk but they have a different style of talking like they say some words but there are lyrics to it. The game's music is beautifully done and they have an oct of the all songs for the game. In their Youtube channel


    Even though the graphics of Aragami isn't perfect it's style is perfect. It has a small anime style to it and the graphics are a bit cartoonish rather than AAA graphics. The graphics are one of the most reasons why this game is beautiful.


    The game is worth buying and it's just so great. It's one of the best games that is made with Unity Engine itself. The musics are beautiful the end of the story is perfect and the gameplay makes people want to play it more. So the game is worth buying

    Steam Price: $19.99
    Consoles: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch.
    DLC: Aragami: Nightfall

    Rate this article Is it worth buying? -Aragami

    (4/5) 13 rates


    i found some useful information would consider buying

    6 december 2018 00:49

    I love this game

    8 december 2018 00:41

    The game is awsome

    6 december 2018 10:50

    Good article! It's very neat and clean.

    9 june 2019 07:01