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    Rate this article "IS CS:GO OVERRATED????"

    (4.25/5) 4 ratings
    BrotusY, 27 november 2017 19:15


    Everyone knows Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But is it as good as all the hype around it? Let's find out!

    Even if you do not play any Counter Strike game, you know about all this hype revolving around the franchise. Millions of dollars being put into competitions and tournaments, and millions more around it's very well known gambling system. So we all can agree it is a big franchise. But is it worth all of this attention? Is the game good enough?

    Let's start by discussing the game's mechanics. On the subject of guns (which is the game's theme, so let's start there), Counter Strike has a, let's say, "distinct" way of being played. To start, the bullets do not come out of the gun. "What? They do not?", you might ask. No they do not! They come out of the eyes of the character!!!! YES!!! THE EYES!!!! That might sound stupid, but that is true!!!! "So, does that make our character a superhero?". Nope. It just makes the game very unrealistic. Another point I would like to discuss regarding the game's mechanics, is the spray patterns. What is a spray pattern? That is very simple, it is the pattern the gun's bullets make when they are all shot as fast as possible (if it is automatic it is just when it is shot). "But shouldn't the bullets' trajectory be always different to simmulate a real firearm?". Yes it should. But in CS:GO, the bullets always go to the same places everytime you shoot them. so it does make it memorizable, but very hardly memorizable. Take a look by yourself. This is the spray pattern of an AK47. The redder the dot is the later the bullet is shot.


    So, yeah, CS:GO is not the king of realism, but does that actually make it a bad game? NOT AT ALL!!!! It is still a great game! Why???? Because of the simple fact that those elements I just described and a lot more unrealistic details, are responsible for the game's skill-based gameplay! If it was all realistic looking and with good mechanics it would be based on lucky shots and on where the random shot went. And on random happenings you have absolutely no control of. For example, think of any Call of Duty game. It is mostly based of where the bullets goes, independently of where you were aiming at. And it is because of that, that CS:GO is one of the most watched games on Twitch, and why there are so many millions involved in its competitions and tournaments! So you can actually say that CS:GO is one of the best shooter games ever made!

    Rate this article IS CS:GO OVERRATED????

    (4.25/5) 4 ratings


    No it is not, well maybe...

    25 february 2020 05:42

    its the most fair competitive game out there tbh

    9 june 2020 23:56