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    Rate this article "Humble Reviews: Medieval 2 Total War"

    (3.75/5) 4 ratings
    thefruit, 10 august 2017 18:41

    Humble Reviews: Medieval 2 Total War

    A strategy and historical game based in the Medieval world. Take part in battles of huge magnitudes from the New World all the way to the Middle East. Do you have what it takes to conquer the world?

    Published in 2006 by Sega and developed by Creative Assembly the game basically gives you a historically accurate kingdom and let's you have your way with it. In this game you have 2 areas to manage: The Campaign Map where you micromanage your cities building roads, farm and other infrastructure or recruit soldiers that will help you dominate the battle. The battlefield is where you take control of your armies and lead them to crush your opponent (or get humiliatingly beaten, you can't beat them all right?). Also the game comes with 8 difficulties (The Campaign Map and the Battlefield having 4 difficulty each) each one harder than the last (obviously). So if you want a challenge choose the Very Hard difficulty if you are a casual player Medium difficulty can be both challenging and entairtaining. As any other respectable strategy game each faction has it's stong point and it's weakness. For example: The Holy Roman Empire field one of the best armies in the early game but later in the game lacks a professional army which means that France, England or any other faction with proffesional armies can hit them very hard (that doesn't render them useless, the game is pretty balance). Oh yeah before i forget you obviously have goals to meet to beat the game and you can choose between the short term ones or the long term ones. Example: The short term goals of England is to have 15 regions under your control and get rid of France and Scotland and the long term goals are to hold 45 regions including Jerusalem (DEUS VULT!.. sorry couldn't contain myself). 
    Pros: historically accurate (kinda), lots to build, strategy actually plays a role, enjoyable gameplay, the ability to shape history
    Cons: the graphics are getting older, has some unfixed glitches
     Well it is a good game, obviously not for everyone thogh thus i give it 8/10

    Rate this article Humble Reviews: Medieval 2 Total War

    (3.75/5) 4 ratings



    25 january 2020 22:12

    9/10 for me

    15 april 2020 18:14

    mario classic grapiphc

    22 august 2017 02:40

    This one is a good reaad.

    27 june 2019 17:48


    21 august 2017 23:56

    Not really my type of game, but might be good

    19 august 2017 19:57

    My favourite Total War game, but I would never ever call it historically accurate.

    8 september 2019 01:12

    6/10 from me.

    21 august 2017 19:57

    really nice

    17 august 2017 18:16

    My favourite Total War! Nice article

    5 august 2020 17:29