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    eagleeye, 6 december 2017 13:16

    How to improve in Hearthstone Arena

                  Hearthstone is nowadays a pretty popular card game that requires luck, but also skill in order to win a game. This article is dedicated to all new players that want to improve their gameplay and have some fun at the same time.However,even if you have some knowledge  about arena,you should still take a look, maybe there's something you didn't knew about it.

                Let's get it started.This guide isn't made to assure you that you'll get 12 wins every time or often.I write this in order to understand some steps that can put you ahead in your arena games.
                Picking a good class will always give you an advantage.The most succesful classes are Paladin,Rogue,Mage and Druid due to their hero powers.



    •                Paladin's hero power summons a 1/1 sticky minion for 2 mana which if he lives for few turns it might become decisive.However paladin is knows for his spells that buffs his minions and having a target for spells is always a good thing to keep in mind. Another thing that makes Paladin to shine in arena is Divine Shield. Having a shield on your minions make trades really efficient for you because it won't affect their HP. If you don't have to proc the shield with a big minion then don't do it. Having a big threat with divine shield it's gonna be a huge concern for your opponent to deal with(unless you're playing against a Mage). In your card pick choice you're looking for class cards like Righteous Protector, Argent Protector, Dark Conviction, Equality, Hydrologist, Aldor Peacekeeper, Rallying Blade, Blessing of Kings, Consecration, Truesilver Champion, Grimestreet Enforcer, Spikeridged Steed, Sunkeeper Tarim, Tirion Fordring. Of course there are some other decent cards but I consider these a must in arena if you get the choice to pick them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  




    •                 Rogue's hero power gives you a blade with 1 attack and 2 durability. This gives rogue the possibility to make good early trades using the face in order to save her minions.At some point you will run out of HP so you need to think twice if you're gonna use the dagger to a big minion(Short tip: Picking in draft 1 or 2 minions that can restore HP to your hero is pretty good because it allows you to make more trades in the future without worrying about your health bar). Good class cards for Rogue are these:Backstab, Deadly Poison, Hallucination, Journey Below, Betrayal, Eviscerate, Sap, Fan of Knives, Envenom Weapon, Plague Scientist, Shadow Strike, Shadowblade, SI:7 Agent, Vilespine Slayer, Assasinate.                



    •                 Mage's hero power gives you the option to deal 1 damage to either face enemy or minions for 2 mana. That's pretty valuable because it gives you two options.If you're ahead on board that extra 1 damage will put the enemy closer to death. There are some situation where it's good to ping your own minions, the most common is when you have Acolyte of Pain on board so you can get value out of it that will eventually guarantee you at least two cards. Mage is known for the huge spells pool but don't pick too many spells, you will eventually run out of fuel if you do so. In your draft you're looking for the following class cards:Mana Wyrm, Frostbolt, Arcanologist(you will end up having at least one secret), Primordial Glyph, Pyros, Arcane Intelect, Coldwraith, Twilight Flamecaller, Volcanic Potion,Fireball, Polymorph,Water Elemental, Blizzard, Meteor,Flamestrike, Archmage Antonidas, Firelands Portal,Sindragosa, Pyroblast.   




    •                 Druid's hero power gives your hero 1 attack this turn and 1 armor. This heropower is great for trades because it gives you back some armor so HP shouldn't be your concern, at least not in early game or mid game.Druid shine the most in late game due to his big minions. Another thing that makes druid good in arena is that he can ramp. Having 2-3 or even 4 more mana crystals than your enemy gives you the possiblity to play more minions or just a big threat which will put you in a favorable spot. Despite having a slow deck, if you get into the late game you should have the upperhand, but in order to do that you should clear the board as much as possible and also don't make too many trades with your heropower,especially against a Mage. So you want to look for these class cards in your draft:  Enchanted Raven, Druid of the Swarm, Power of the Wild, Tortollan Forager, Wild Growth, Wrath, Crypt Lord, Savage Roar, Swipe, Druid of the Claw, Nourish, Jade Blossom(situational), Mire Keeper, Living Mana, Starfall, Webweave, Moonglade Portal, Spreading Plague, Kun the Forgotten King, Ultimate Infestation.

     I hope this article was useful and improved, even for a bit your gameplay and therefore your win rate.Thank you for your time!

    Rate this article How to improve in Hearthstone Arena

    (4/5) 2 ratings


    Thank you!

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    8 december 2017 08:22

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    8 december 2017 08:23

    hich if he lives for few turn/1 sticky minion 😂😜🙃😂s it might become dec

    8 december 2017 08:22

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    8 december 2017 08:18

    n at the same time.However,even if you have😛😁😃😌😛😁😂😂

    8 december 2017 08:18

    rticle is dedicated to all new players that want to improv😂e their gameplay and have some fun at the same 😄time.However,even if you have some knowledge about arena,you should still take a look, maybe there's something 😂you didn😂😂😄't knew abo

    8 december 2017 08:17

    win a game. This article is dedicated to all new players that want to improve their gameplay and 😙

    8 december 2017 08:16