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    Vadeus, 30 october 2017 15:01

    How to get good at Rikimaru in Dota 2

    So you came here for tricks and tips? WELL YOU CAME TO THE WRON- wait... oh its the right place okay...


    Pros =

    -infinite invisibility (Like wth?)
    -can deal double the dmg (or more) with backstab
    -has a smoke bomb for silence and miss chance
    -has a failsafe ultimate
    -can blink at your mo********ing gorgeous back and kill you

    Cons =

    -has very low hp
    -since you have infinite invisibility, using dust will 100% slow you
    -getting stunned can cost you your life
    -if slardar, bounty hunter, or zeus is in the game, you're pretty much screwed
    - if a support buys sentries for the rest of the game, you're also screwed
    -if 3 or more heroes in your team have invisibility, just quit and uninstall Dota

    Okay now onto the Tips

    1. You're super squishy at early game, don't try any funny stuff until it's a sure kill
    2. Make sure your 2nd and Ultimate are ready at all times, these skills can save your life
    3. Buy a sentry if the enemy heroes are putting nonstop wards, combine that with Quelling Blade to 1 hit that ward to ensure they don't destroy yours 1st
    4. Try to gank mid often to shake that mid laner a bit, since you're invisible, you can sneak past your lane without your enemies noticing and gank mid safely (Keep in mind that the enemy mid laner might buy a sentry against you)
    5. Don't try to 1v1 tanks without smoke or allies, its suicide
    6. If you're in Hero Selection and 2 people already picked heroes with invisibility in your team, don't pick riki, there's a high chance the enemy support will put regular sentries


    1.Since your squishy in early game, taking up 300+ dmg might cost your life, and without tangos, you can't do anything (the enemy will harass you if they see you), I mainly buy Tranquil Boots, gives speed and hp regen, and can keep you fighting in lanes.
    2. Buying a blink dagger is helpful (Yes you already have a blink [ 2nd skill ] why would you get another one?) Well it gives you a great mobility around the map, giving you constant ganks, it has a 3 second cooldown when damaged, your ultimate is 4 seconds, you can use your ulti, wait for the blink cooldown, then blink away :D (But Vadeus riki's 2nd has the same effects) Okay your second is used mainly for diving in, blink in my case is used for backing out, or using it to go around the map, or chasing. Riki's blink needs a unit, its pretty limited, and you cant blink to an enemy if he escapes in the fog of war. The dagger can blink anywhere, farther range, and saved my life multiple times.

    Okay that is all folks thx for reading have a good one!

    Rate this article How to get good at Rikimaru in Dota 2

    (5/5) 1 rating


    actually i dont know how to play this game

    27 april 2020 16:47