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    AhnafInticer, 31 july 2020 17:18

    How to get better at Valorant ?

    This guide primarily focuses on teaching you aim drills which will help you to practise on your reflexes and muscle memory.If you are in such a situation where your raw aim is the only reliable option,these drills will help you to consistently hit those shots.

    If you ever ask someone-"How do I get better at playing Valorant?",you will receive the old plain suggestion which is to maintain crosshair placement,learn recoil and spray pattern and what not.I am not saying that they are totally useless,however,if your shots don't even connect then what's the point in learning them?

    From my personal experience,switching from Counter-Strike:Global Offensive to Valorant brought me so much randomness that I couldn't understand why my shots weren't hitting and WHY WAS I NOT GETTING BETTER! But upon realizing some major faults,I was able to turn the tables on Valorant.

    Key points that we are gonna discuss about-

    • Tracing
    • Micro Flicks(vertical or horizontal twitch)
    • Counter-Strafing
    • Shouldering

    However,keep in mind,DO NOT OVERDO IT.Practise the following methods for about 30-40 minutes(overall) a day,in order to notice a significant change in your gameplay.But don't go beyond an hour as you will end up injuring yourself.

    You can practise these following methods in the "Practice Range" menu available in-game.


    As the word suggests,the following practice is to keep on staring at the head of the dummies(bots basically) while moving for about 2-3 minutes.You can repeat the process for about 3 times but do remember to take breaks in-between.However,the target is not to kill the dummy but keep on staring at its head,which will help you to get familiar with your sentivity and memorize the position of their heads and as a result it will improve your crosshair placement automatically.

    Micro Flicks

    This one is going to be a bit hard,where you can practice by flicking to the heads of the dummies keeping the crosshair approximately an inch away.It enables you to hit shots at close or mid range pretty damn slickly.This practice,in particular is quite hard to do and will require multiple sessions to master.


    Counter-Strafing is basically cancelling out momentum by walking in a direction and after a brief stop,immediately pressing the key which enables you to walk in the opposite direction.For example,you press D to strafe left,so after a brief stop you have to press A to make you Counter-Strafe.What it will do is make your shots accurate by resetting the accuracy of the weapon,similar to the accuracy while you stand still.This practice will immensely improve your accuracy and help you evade shots fired by enemies.


    Shouldering is quite similar to Counter-Strafing,while staying behind an object.This helps you to quickly kill enemies(because you are Counter-Strafing and your first shot will be 100% accurate) if you sight the enemy first and it even helps you to block incoming shots as you are quickly shifting behind objects.This method comes in handy at situations when you have information on enemy's position.


    If you are new to Valorant,I am quite optimistic that by practising the following methods will definitely help you to improve and enjoy the game to its fullest.Last but not least,be friendly and try to communicate with teammates to obtain intel on enemies,so that you get the upper hand.That's all there is to it,Peace out !


    Rate this article How to get better at Valorant ?

    (4.58/5) 687 rates


    special game im really love it

    4 august 2020 13:14

    So many practise

    26 september 2020 19:30

    the best game ever

    2 december 2020 12:18

    the grafik so realisem

    28 november 2020 15:00

    Beauty's thing and everything in this game is so perfect.

    6 august 2020 08:38

    You will help many people great sensei.

    28 november 2020 10:35

    good and informative article

    10 october 2020 07:25

    good shooter game i like it ^^

    27 august 2020 13:18

    Spray its not balanced in this game in rest its nice

    3 august 2020 15:13

    Thank you for this article, it helps clarify a few points I have heard people on Twitch and Youtube mention as techniques to improve accuracy. It might also help to mention the character's special abilities and proper usage of them which can give a team the edge in a match as well.

    31 august 2020 18:38