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    faishal, 14 september 2017 11:35

    how to become a fps player

    As an FPS game player sometimes we pay little attention to the little things but it is an important thing to note when playing FPS games. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    1. Get the ideal FPS (Frame Per Second) value.

    Do you guys know, 30 FPS is the ideal value for playing FPS games. if your computer produces less than 30 fps then all you need is upgrading your computer components. 60 fps for medium and above 90 fps is optimal. The higher your hardware spec the higher is also your game experience. if under 25 fps, the game will feel "lag" and make you easy to lose when playing fps game.

    2. Appropriate gaming equipment.

    Having a decades-old mouse will not make you win. Buy the right mouse. Look for a good internet mouse at a good price. Headphones also really help you when playing FPS games. But not as important as a mouse. Also buy a mouse pad. For headphones look for low noise.

    3. Find the game you like.

    Why this is important because if you do not like the game you play it will make you bored and wasted your time. You will not seriously play it and will continue to lose. Currently a lot of original game sellers by offering competitive prices. Buy original game and stop piracy.

    4. Start playing.

    Start from the level of the most easy then the longer the increase. Remember, if you never face a bigger opponent, you will never get better. Most importantly the exercise makes perfect.

    5. Listen to the voices.

    Click when shooting, reloading or footstep sound will warn you there are enemies around you. Listen carefully and remember the voices.

    6. Reloading

    This is the most crucial thing. Do not reload when we only have a little ammunition, because when you reload the enemy may know your position and kill you. When you will reload your weapons, find a safe place or take refuge in the section that you think is safe. if your bullet is less than 40% you have to reload your weapon because less than 40% will not be enough to kill your enemy.

    7. Master the recoil

    Mastering the recoil will give you the advantage, because your hit point will be better. Find an empty place / server and practice there. Shoot and see where the bullets are sliding, and try to control the recoil when using Burst firing or drag your mouse down slowly when firing.

    8. Join the Clan (Optional)

    Joining clan and making games fun. Because you play with the same people over and over and may be able to move to a more professional level as a gaming professional.

    9. Learn Your Map.

    If you do not know your enemy spawn or where you should be you will face problems. Frequently to expolore your map, or join your friends to find out the best way to navigate your map, a good hiding place to hide and snip spot. If you already know your map then you can master the game.

    Rate this article how to become a fps player

    (3.45/5) 11 rates


    I wouldn't say 30 FPS is ideal, 60 is where it's at, unless you are a console player.

    18 february 2020 11:07

    someone is a fps player here haha

    1 may 2020 08:13

    im am not a fps player lol

    1 may 2020 08:13

    i am a fps player too

    26 april 2020 09:08

    Good tip i appriciate it🙂

    8 september 2019 11:13

    I wouldn't say 30 FPS is ideal, 60 is where it's at, unless you are a console player. Nice game guy.

    9 april 2020 10:12

    good tip beyer I wouldn't say 30 FPS is ideal, 60 is where it's at, unless you are a console player.

    8 april 2020 11:20

    3rd person better

    7 october 2017 20:24

    i am fps player!

    11 april 2020 01:01