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    Rate this article "Hotline miami, but in 1873 (12 is Better Than 6 review)"

    (4.71/5) 17 rates
    DmanHUN, 21 december 2018 14:35

    Hotline miami, but in 1873 (12 is Better Than 6 review)

    I got this game from this site, and for its price its really fun!
    So i decided to write an article about it, so you can decide if this game is for you or not..

    Short story/lore about the game:

    You play as a slave man, who was enslaved in Mexico and had to work in a mine. But one day you decided to go back to Texas, but that wasn't that easy, you had to fight your way back.


    Black and white, hand drawn style, simple but great looking game.

    This game doesn't have the best graphics, but it has a great art style, and I personally enjoy great looking effects (blood, smoke, etc. anything that "changes" the world), and this game has these.


    The game isn't that long, you can complete the game in 4-6 hours, depends on your play style. I completed the game in 4 and a half hour. The first 2 hours I tried sneaking mostly, but after that I just when in gun blazing.
    The gameplay was pretty hard to get used to, because when you want to shoot your gun, you need to "cock" your gun first.
    The game is really fast, so high accuracy and reaction speed is needed, but if you don't have these you will become better as you play.


    1. hold RMB to cock
    2. click LMB to shoot
    3. release RMB
    4. repeat
    1. click RMB to cycle the action
    2. click LMB to shoot
    3. repeat
    As you can see, the revolver has 1 extra step, so it takes longer to shoot each time than with the rifle, and mainly you will be using the revolver, so you will need to get used to that. If you have 5 enemies running at you you need to do this really fast and you have to be really accurate, because 1 bullet can only kill 1 enemy.

    The shotgun work just as the rifle, but with only 2 shots.
    The dynamite is simple too, you just press the F key and you throw the dynamite in front of you.


    The game doesn't have that great of a soundtrack as Hotline Miami, but its still really enjoyable.
    The sound effects aren't that special, they are alright.


    You can kill every animal you see (some people might not like this), you can break windows and loot houses for ammunition.
    You can also collect hats (don't worry, not TF2 style hat collecting), hats don't help you in anyway, you get them by completing achievements.


    I left the bad stuff for the end, because there's not to many.

    The game sometimes really difficult, don't get me wrong, I like difficult and challenging games, but on some levels I was stuck for 10-15 mins (most levels are pretty fast, around 1-7 mins).

    My final thoughts:

    It's a lot of fun for a cheap game, its 399 soul gems so it definitely worth the price in my opinion.
    There's also a part 2 called: 12 is Better Than 6: The Apostles which has worse reviews on the steam store, then the first part.
    Overall, if you like Hotline Miami, I can only recommend you this game, but if you don't like Hotline Miami it's probably not for you, but you can try it out if you want to.
    Hope I helped to decide if you should buy this game or pass it, also I hope this wasn't too boring or anything. Thanks for reading!

    Rate this article Hotline miami, but in 1873 (12 is Better Than 6 review)

    (4.71/5) 17 rates


    I just get this game as reward

    7 may 2019 00:38

    Definetly good but not trendy

    22 december 2018 12:30

    This is the first one that seems descent good job OP !

    21 december 2018 15:50

    Short but good for a review, just check on some of that grammar and you'd go far there buddy.

    21 december 2018 14:39

    it is cool

    28 december 2018 13:43

    cool game but i have problem with this gaame as it is not vey large i does not hepl foor time passintg any time as it is helpful i som extent as is not so profound i lke it overall it does not have very messages

    24 december 2018 10:38

    i was reading hotline and looking at the 12 is ... lol
    Noice one man, thx.

    23 december 2018 08:45

    i want to play this game😀

    22 december 2018 10:13

    Cool game nice work!!!!

    25 december 2018 01:44

    Cool hame dont stop ;)

    24 december 2018 04:47