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    (4.07/5) 14 rates
    Julio_Lokin, 2 october 2017 21:39

    Garry's Mod Review

    Garry's Mod (or GMod) is a physical challenge based on the Source Engine. His proposal is to be highly customizable and give players their freedom to do whatever they want.


    The main mode of play is called Sandbox (free mode). In it there are several tools, weapons and options distributed in menus so that the player can tinker with the various contents and physically interconnect them however they want. The physgun (object manipulation), the toolgun and the camera (taking screenshots and shooting effects) are the focus of this experiment. The tools and objects are arranged in the spawn menu ("Menu Q") and in a second layer of options in the context menu ("Menu C '').

    More game modes / Multiplayer / Fame

    Another great feature of this title is being "many games in one". Have fun with melon racing, survival to zombies, deathmatch, RPs and even fishing. These addons (extra content) are available in the Steam Workshop and often have large communities around you. Speaking of communities, it's good to know that GMod has thousands of people playing it every day, always appearing on the chart of most played games on Steam.

    Contents and Addons

    As soon as the first game starts, most of the content comes from Half-Life 2. But to increase the variety of players, the ability to use items from other games, such as Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Couter-Strike: Source. For this, it is enough that the person has these supported titles purchased, installed and enabled in the GMod menu. However, what really sets the unique experience of each in this space is the great variety of addons available for download! Currently, by filtering all the junk out of our account, there are 31,158 items available in the Workshop (10/29/2015).


    It is worth noting that GMod is widely used for the creation of wallpapers, arts and comics, since many of its tools are specially geared towards this purpose. There are always good ways to apply effects, lights, expressions, shadows etc, yielding good scenes.


    With wonderful physics and positioning capabilities, GMod becomes a perfect platform for animation! Really Youtube is full of great videos made in GMod and in a short time of research we can find beautiful works. Typically, the most complex are done by the stop-motion technique (frame by frame), but there are many excellent productions created from animation tools that run on the game itself.

    Come play

    Well, you'll just discover even the full potential of Garry's Mod when you decide to give it a try!

    GMod History

    Garry's Mod began as a free mod for HL2 on December 24, 2004, created by Garry Newman. He competed with another mod called JBmod (More info / download), but soon won the dispute. Its last free stable version was 9, but there were the "9.1" betas. From this point forward, the mod was considered a complete game and started to be sold on Steam, with no more version numbers. The numbers 10, 11, 12 and 13 that users usually use on the internet are only symbolic versions, explained below. Even with all the changes and uptime, the game never ceased to be developed by Facepunch, Garry's game studio, and has received many improvements to date.

    Symbolic versions

    Garry's Mod 10 - From the sale by Steam;
    Garry's Mod 11 - From the Orange Box;
    Garry's Mod 12 - From the moment the game was compatible with the Mac;
    Garry's Mod 13 - September 2012, when GMod received a massive update that changed virtually its entire structure. They made engine customizations, changed all the menus, changed the "base" of the used LUA code (leaving the game much faster) and made thousands of minor adjustments and changes. The game was like new.

    Rate this article Garry's Mod Review

    (4.07/5) 14 rates


    you can do whatever you want in this game 😄

    26 march 2019 13:01

    nice game

    11 october 2017 17:06


    5 october 2017 23:36

    Great game, people spend hundreds of hours creating their own maps and mods. I call that dedication.

    7 october 2017 13:23

    Good game.

    7 october 2017 12:26

    you can do what you want in this game :D played for over 5 years and its still fun

    11 february 2021 14:56

    from what i have heard, it is a very addictive game. Nice review

    9 october 2017 13:24

    Great article

    18 september 2020 19:56

    funny game!!!

    29 september 2020 20:50

    Very accurate review plus great game

    5 october 2017 13:43