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    (3.75/5) 4 ratings
    Julio_Lokin, 2 october 2017 21:32

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds TIPS !!

    For those who do not know PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, this is a multiplayer focused shooting game, where the objective is to survive on an island with 100 players and in the end, to be the only survivor. The game starts with all players inside an airplane, flying over the island (map) of the game. The player has the proper decision to jump from parachute wherever and whenever he wants.

    Initially you will not own anything (weapon, vest, armor and among other items), your initial goal is to be able to acquire the maximum of resources that are scattered on the map. During the course of the game a circle will appear on the map indicated that players need to move to that area if they want to stay alive, they will have a few minutes to get to the playable area before it decreases, in case the player is not able to, be drained until his death.

    Battlegrounds every day has been winning players worldwide, already surpassing 2 million copies sold on Steam and with promises of launch for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game was developed by the famous PlayerUnknown's, responsible for the mod Battle Royale of the shooting game Arma and the King of Kill mode of H1Z1. Battlegrounds is your definitive title for the genre and style of play.

    And thinking of this whole community of survivors, we've separated ten tips for you to be the last survivor of this Battlegrounds battle. Check it!

    1 - The tactic begins when jumping from the airplane!

    Try to jump on points on the map where there may be structures and do not have many players around, after all, initially you are totally vulnerable and your chances of killing in places with many players is much greater. Also remember to drop in points near the center of the island, many distant locations tend to be the first to be excluded by the playable zone circle.

    2 - Beauty vs Tactics

    Battlegrounds is a game developed in Unreal Engine 4 and brings very good graphics, with a lot of details in the scenario, mainly in fields and forests, but only players who play in the Medium and High quality that guarantee this realism. By playing in low quality, in addition to gaining extra frames per second, the game also deactivates various effects and details of scenery that will make you disadvantage when confronting other players, such as the intensity of grass, which makes it difficult to find players lying down and camouflaged.

    3 - Being beautiful is not always good ...

    Getting nice shirts and pants can leave you in "pure style," but they can make you an easy target. Priority to shirts and trousers with common colors in the elements of scenery, such as the beige color, which camouflages when lying in fields and be close to trees. Catching an unsuspecting player in Battlegrounds increases your chances of eliminating him.

    4 - Loot players is not always recommended

    Beware of collecting player items that you have eliminated in the open, Battlegrounds is a battle of campers, you can easily take a headshot and be eliminated by standing still and vulnerable to any attack. Even if the location of evidence is clean of players, it is important to be cautious at all times.

    5 - Use headphone to play!

    The sound design of Battlegrounds is of extreme quality, just by the sound you can know the distance of some firing and direction, if the player that is shooting has silencer, which weapon he is using, and can hear footsteps in structures and much more. But to have all this audio information, logically you need the good old headphone.
    And of course! Pay attention to the sounds in the environment! It can save your life or help you eliminate a player.

    6 - Beware of structures and villages

    This tip is crucial, especially if you can survive with less than 40 players. In this situation, many players prefer to camper in buildings, houses and towers. When entering structures, be silent and watch for any suspicious movement. Remember to close the doors from where you enter, open doors indicate that someone is inside the place or that they passed by to the most attentive players.

    7 - Living on the Limit

    Whenever you can, try to stay close to the edge of the playable area (edges), because you will be assured that no one will attack you behind your back, being able to pay attention only to what is in front of you. But beware, do not stay for long, if not, when you begin to decrease the playable zone, you will hardly be able to escape the boundary field of the map.
    8 - Vehicles? Just at the beginning of the match!

    Using cars, jeeps, bikes and bugs in Battlegrounds is of extreme help in getting around the giant island, as well as allowing you to escape from many clashes where you are at a disadvantage, however they are noisy and draw too much attention, and when they are lacking less than 30 players ... drawing attention is something you will not want.

    9 - "Hey, cover me!"

    When camping, stay in places that make it difficult for opposing players to attack you, such as getting behind trees, rocks, walls and vehicles. Examples of excellent locations for campers are cliff borders or places where terrain relief is inferior.

    10 - Who keeps, always has!

    If you are an experienced player with long range sights, here's the good news, always use while finding! And keep track of various ranges, should you need to adjust the combat situation from wherever you are. In Battlegrounds most of the time, you will confront other players over long distances, so it is important that you be prepared for this.

    Ready! You are allowed to be the champion in Battlegrounds! 

    Rate this article Playerunknown's Battlegrounds TIPS !!

    (3.75/5) 4 ratings


    о, эта игра просто топчик, сам играл

    6 march 2020 16:16

    very good job article!

    12 may 2020 10:28

    jheadphones really help in positioning the crosshair with the perfect assumptions on the whereabouts of a near enemy and usually landing at crowded places does not make you look cool unless you can fight off your enemies

    14 february 2021 16:12

    I really love this game. breath of fresh air.
    Though it can be very frustrating to get shot in the back after 15mins of looting :D

    6 october 2017 10:27

    good luck bboys i will see u in game :D

    9 october 2017 17:56

    Good tips ty

    11 october 2017 17:06

    Good tips

    11 october 2017 14:29

    Good article

    18 september 2020 19:57

    Game would get repetitive very quickly, and apparently teaming isn't allowed. So you can't really play it with friends.

    9 october 2017 09:58

    Great game helped me out alot with the tips bro

    5 october 2017 13:44