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    (4.83/5) 6 rates
    blank4, 3 october 2018 11:29

    Game Recap: Snakebird

    Hello lads I’m back and today’s game recap will be about the overshadowed game called ‘Snakebird’ of 2016, I said overshadowed because 2016 produced a lot of popular mobile games such as ‘Pokemon Go’, ’Super Mario Run’, and ‘Clash Royal’  stealing the limelight of this fun simple looking game but extremely difficult.


    Snakebird was released on 2015 and later received its popularity on 2016, developed and published by a ‘Noumen Games’ for Mac, Linux, and PC platforms and also mobile platforms. The game is called ‘Snakebird’ for the character you will be playing in the game is creature with a head of a bird and a body of a snake, I know it sounds creepy but it is just a puzzle game other than the body of the bird nothing else is weird. As I said the game is a puzzle 2D game which requires the bird to pass to the portal, that is the objective of the game but the game will be very difficult as you move to a higher level so I hope you’re ready to crack up some brain cells up there.


    Players will be able to control up to 3 snakebirds depending on the stages the player is currently at and the objective is either to get them all to the goal portal, which is the rainbow color looking portal, or just get to get 1 to the portal. Fruits in level may appear and require the player to take them all to unlock the goal portal and as the snake bird that eats the fruit 1 tile length will be added to him just like a snake eating arcade game like. Numerous element may appear in the next stages of the game such as spike, movable boxes and non-goal portals which may require player to avoid or either use to solve the puzzle. Getting stuck is really common in the game so reseing one step at a time is also possible and resetting the whole stages. And upon completion of the level player allow to navigate to the next level which have different routes so players can choose to navigate in the so called ‘world map’ in a non-linear way.


    • Players can move the uncontrolled snake in any direction if there is nothing blocking the way, so use it in solving the level such as u can use this move up by climbing up to snakes.
    • Avoid getting trapped in a closed space, although it’s a common sense as a player but some player tends to ignore this, resulting in resetting the whole stages which took time to consume.
    • Snakebird can trap each other so avoid getting in that scenario.
    • Movable boxes are a great help if you need tiles used to ascend.
    • Stop and think after resetting the stage, although player think this is an obvious solution if you think your stuck in a stage but I just want to include it either way well people can be hardheaded sometimes.
    • And Enjoy the game, just a reminder that some level may seems impossible making player be frustrated but being frustrated just make you unable to solve the puzzle more so just enjoy the game sooner or later you will solve it


    The game is a very good past time for puzzle lover geeks, the graphic may seems standard but the concept of the game is good promoting imaginative minds of players to solve the puzzle. I am giving the game 7.8 out of 10 rating and I highly recommend it to people who love puzzle games.  Hope you enjoy see you in the next game recap.

    Rate this article Game Recap: Snakebird

    (4.83/5) 6 rates


    You are all saying nice article to get xp lol

    24 march 2020 19:47

    The game seems to be really nice, the graphics are good enough and the formatting is pretty good. Good job and keep it up!

    24 march 2020 12:13