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    Rate this article "Game Recap: Sky Force Reloaded "

    (4.08/5) 12 rates
    blank4, 28 september 2018 19:04

    Game Recap: Sky Force Reloaded

    This article will talk about ‘Sky Reloaded’ a classic arcade based game which initially released on 2016.


    This game will make you remember the classic top down shooting spaceships from the 90’s arcade the games. The game is like the remastered version of those games with modern visuals and designs that will force players to play the game with undivided attention. With the modern graphics applied to the game every explosions, straight up shoot out against enemy ships, and boss encounters is an epic scene in the game. Avid fun of scroll shooters will be in for a treat as the game stayed faithful to the most important parts of a shoot them up game, such as diverse aircraft to pilot and the tight game mechanic.


    The is still the same with what a scroll shooter game should, using 4 different direction to avoid enemy attack, the typical 2-way projectile laser bullet weaponry and stage Bosses encounters. The game unlocks difficulty modes every stage cleared from Normal to Nightmare, which a lot of players respect about the game is that it’s well balanced difficulty curve, that players can enjoy even if his just a casual player or a die-hard pro.


    The game has new features that are not included in your classic shoot up game that I enlisted below:

    • Players can assemble and test their own aircraft, players can choose from 9 aircrafts with unique play styles and features that player can be compatible with.
    • Players can collect bonus cards that will grant benefits to your ship’s attribute or a temporary boost to your ship.
    • Players can unlock 8 assisting technicians that will help the players upgrade their ship. Players can only choose 1 out of 8 technicians and every technician possesses different special skills.
    • Players can upgrade their ship in a hundred various ship from its weaponry, shield, and other different equipment.
    • Game Features Weekly Tournament where players can challenge their friends in the infinite stages.


    My review to the game might be biased for I am really an avid fun of shoot up games especially this type of game, so I reviewed this game as a whole concept of it being just a game and not a shoot up game specifically. The game is fun which is one of the most important part of a game, the soundtrack and story line of the game is in good quality, and the design of the game is awesome so I highly recommend this to all players, no matter what game your into you will be hooked up by this game. I would rate this game 9.5 out of ten although I like the game I can’t give it 10 because 9.5 is the highest rating I can give to a game, 10 just reviewing a perfect game which I know it doesn’t exist. Thanks for reading see you in my next article.

    Rate this article Game Recap: Sky Force Reloaded

    (4.08/5) 12 rates


    :!!! will it's not that much bad and it's not that much better it's good

    18 february 2021 19:44

    hm not bad i thunk

    28 september 2018 22:18

    hmmmm... nice

    28 september 2018 21:32