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    (4.91/5) 11 rates
    Sanelaa, 1 january 2019 12:07

    Friday the 13th: The Game review

    Horror game first of all!

    Friday the 13th: The Game faithfully presents the killer you need to be afraid of, because when you find it you can only hope that you will separate your head from the door in the most spectacular way.

    Apart from this method of solving the tired teen, Jason also has several incredibly powerful abilities that define the overall gaming experience in his role. The "man" with the mask here can play teleported over the entire map of the game, so even the infrared nose eats the fear of the pancreas. Still, Jason is just one, while boys and girls running alive for seven lives.

    While Jason is pursuing them, they have to work hard to survive in several ways, whether one of the two cars is capable of getting a gasoline and a propeller for the boat, or even calling the police to jump into the scene. The performance of this is reduced to that team in panic jumping around various huts by searching the drawers, while they should be smartly organized in order to have any chance. Unless Jason's role has ended in the hands of a beginner who is struggling with clumsy controls, then you can then set aside a minute or ten to enjoy the moonlight.

    Players must be smartly organized to have a chance against Jason. Unless he plays someone who is struggling with awkward controls.

    That's where we come to one of the most important elements of this experience - voice communication. Players in close proximity can be heard via microphones, but if you find "streams" in huts, you can coordinate with each other over the entire playground. Unfortunately, the whole system falls into the water when you encounter players who play without a microphone, or people who constantly melt in their mother tongues instead of in universal English.

    Two of the most probably transmitted elements from the movies are atmosphere and music, along with old-fashioned VHS effects. However, they are fully flushing when Russians start to blur nonsense, mock Jason's sins and other characters because they are robotically badly animated, all while trying to hide it honestly. As with every other online game, all her experience will depend on what team you are playing, and the god knows that there are all kinds of jokes on the internet.

    The atmosphere faithful to that of the movies quickly turns out when a group of Russians starts talking jokes while playing.

    But even with a great atmosphere and all the interesting mechanics, somehow it turns out to survive as a kid and is not an overly fun getaway. Not just for clumsy controls, but also for the nasty little survival opportunity you take away as soon as you see Jason once. He knows exactly where the hut is hiding and once he starts chasing your character for a dozen seconds of fatigue and then runs like a baby who comes back with a pot of ten kilo potatoes.

    If you do not hide Jason in a closet that he can not even break with an ax, you can safely expect to crush you with one touch. There is also the fact that you can teleport right in front of your nose, so the only comfort in all this is the opportunity to see a new way of leaving the world. Of course, if the camera does not cling to the nearest wall. It might also be a bit more impressive if it is not as comical as the "ragdoll" system is really trying to leave your body in the most unlikely possible situation.

    Jason's murder are difficult to watch. Especially if your camera closes at the key point for the nearest wall.

    Friday the 13th: The Game is one of the titles I recommend only for a little bit of fun with friends :D over the weekend.

    Rate this article Friday the 13th: The Game review

    (4.91/5) 11 rates


    This game has always been the craziest bangers of all time thanks for the article

    22 august 2019 14:41


    23 november 2019 01:25

    nice article

    7 february 2020 11:16

    this very good game

    9 june 2019 05:15

    Good article

    17 january 2019 12:42

    its very good
    but i thnk the deveolped stop working on it

    28 march 2019 12:49

    hope it is not plag

    1 january 2019 13:03

    i want to play this game

    14 october 2019 21:49

    ummm.....blatantly copied from here: https://gameguin.com/friday-the-13th/

    17 february 2019 03:35

    I recommend everyone the best thriller and horror game I have ever played.

    6 may 2020 16:25