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    (4.13/5) 31 rates
    Jay2T, 12 june 2018 14:04

    Fortnite And Its Future In Gaming

    Fortnite is a game developed by the creators "Epic Games" It has two game modes to select from. 'Save The World' and 'Battle Royal' Fortnite Save The World is a Paid Access game which allows the user to play a Co-op sandbox like game on which they are surviving against zombie like creatures. The player has to collect resources, build forts around defensive objectives to help fight the storm and protect survivors, and construct weapons and traps to engage in combat with waves of these creatures that attempt to destroy the objectives.

    Fortnite Battle Royal is a Free To Play battle royal themed game mode where the player can go Solo, Duo or with a Squad in a 100 Player battle on an island with a shrinking safe zone. The player must fight or evade other players to be the last survivor of 100. Players look for guns, shields and resources to build, fight and survive during battle as the safe zone closes in. As the playing zone gets smaller, being outside the playzone increases its lethality to the players health. Being the last survivor grants you with a very satisfying "Victory Royal!"

    The Furture Of Fortnite And Its Success

    Fortnite has become a massive global sensation, with players all over the globe playing both 'Save The World' and the most well known game mode 'Battle Royal'. Fortnite Battle Royal competes with other rival games of the same genre such as 'Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and 'H1Z1' Both very popular games in the battle royal scene.

    But what makes Fortnite so good?

    Fortnite Battle Royal has become a very popular game in recent months due to many factors. It's free to play aspect makes it appeal to us players more than the other battle royal games which require a purchase. It appeals for obvious resasons, Its free why not give it a try right?

    The games unique take on battle royal in a bright, vibrant atmosphere is more intriguing to the younger and older ages, the newly introduced building aspect of the battle royal games allows for a different style of play with more ways to defend, attack and navigate through the battlefield. Fortnite also introduces new cosmetic items such as skins, pick axes, gliders and emotes for the player to purchase. The game is fun and addicting to play with all the aspects that make a good game.

    The Future Of Fortnite

    As Fortnite continues to be a massive success, Epic Games have continued to roll out new content for the game and have even announced the game for new platforms such as IOS (Out Now!), Android (Coming Soon!) and the Nintendo Switch (Coming Soon). The announcement of Fortnite Battle Royal coming to mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch is a good way to increase the community size. Now the player base will be larger with all these additional platforms. Players can link their accounts to these devices so they can play on the go when they're away from their Xbox, PS4 or PC. Fortnite have released the IOS version of Fortnite Battle Royal, but the release of Android and the Nintendo Switch versions have yet to be confirmed by Epic Games. The release of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch is likely to be announced at E3 2018 with Fortnite Android following up within the next few weeks. It has been confirmed that Fortnite Android will be released during the summer time but there are no official dates as of now. The game will continue to grow in player base throughout the year as more content is added. Epic Games and the future of Fortnite is looking bright for both the Players and the Developers. As it continues to grow Epic Games has hoped to release the full original edition of the game for free to everyone. There is no confirmation on when players can get their hands on the 'Save The World' Game mode but it will be soon. As the game expands, it will have many more things to come in the future for the fans.

    Rate this article Fortnite And Its Future In Gaming

    (4.13/5) 31 rates

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    WARNING: To complete this offer correctly you have to create new account in game!Fortnite Battle Royale - a Unreal Engine 4's game produced by the People Can Fly (known for Bulletstorm or Painkiller) in cooperation with Epic Games. You can play Fortnite alone or together with friends - this is a great way to spend your free time...


    awesome job my dude

    11 january 2019 18:45

    I like fortnite and So dose My Son. And Mario Has lasted forever. So Maybe fortnite will

    2 august 2018 05:35

    i think you should have seperate accounts for psn and epic games cross platform between pc is judt not worth it

    11 january 2021 05:45

    yes this game is good

    8 september 2020 06:31

    Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now.

    18 march 2021 07:10

    man fortnite is gonna die...sorry for saying this but its true

    26 march 2020 21:27

    Rip fortniteAll games are going for a battle royale mod ahhh

    4 august 2018 11:41

    Fortnite is a good game. It's the most unique game there is. I haven't seen any other shooting games with building in it. PubG is good yet it's like the other shooting games. Fortnite is unique in its own way and the guys who rate it badly are those who are bad at the game. Sorry, but I had to say this cuz it's true...

    6 january 2021 03:47

    i love fortnite i always play it

    28 december 2020 18:20

    fornite's future is bright fornite rlly good game and deserves my money :)

    9 january 2021 15:05