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    (4.22/5) 9 rates
    grailmisdoer, 25 january 2018 13:58

    Fifa 17 (Review)

    My eye fell on the game FIFA 17, many say that this is the best football simulator of all time. Let's see, is this true?

    1. Before the game worked on the engine Ignite and everything seemed to be fine. But just a glance at the familiar football simulator, "flying" on a brand new Frostbite, is enough to return to previous releases of the series did not want to. Look at the details of the stadiums, on the facial animation (especially the eyes of football players look alive now), take a look at how the players' form "dances" naturally and vividly - you want to touch it instantly! In general, Frostbite brings virtual football to a new level of entertainment. The plot mode in the series looked very timely.
    2. The game tells the story of Alex Hunter, a young player dreaming of top clubs and a successful career as a superstar of world football. But Alex - the most ordinary guy who lives with his mother and grandfather, a former football player, and because his way the hero begins on the groomed fields of the children's football academy. But hard work is rewarded. Over time, Alex will definitely get a chance to get a ticket to a big football. The pink dream will become a reality!
    3. But no matter how good the story - Ultimate Team is still the most important mode in FIFA. It is he who will make you stick in FIFA 17 until the next part is released. Changes in the updated FUT missing: in the framework of the Ultimate Team debuted two new sections - Squad Building Challenges and FUT Champions. In the first you need to perform tasks on assembling compounds with special conditions (for example, pick up a bunch of players, having reached a certain parameter of teamwork between them), getting nice rewards for it. Collect the composition will have from the players of your main team in FUT - now you know what to do with players who have stayed in deep reserve.
    There are a lot of pluses of FIFA 17, but what's the game review without cost? Especially if they are.
    1. The servers in the "best football simulator of all time" in the Ultimate Team worked anyhow. At the 5th month of the game in FIFA, I was not surprised when I just "threw" out of the match. It would seem nothing to worry about, but when you play FUT Champions and you want the best result, this flight will greatly spoil your morale and statistics.
    2. Moreover, EA for a year can’t fix the intellect of goalkeepers. Honestly, the field players do not differ too much in mind. They can crash into each other or worse.
    3. And finally the sweetest are scripts. This most of all hinders the game, because the script in FIFA most often has harmful consequences than positive ones.

    In conclusion, I want to say that it seems to me that FIFA 2017 is worth its money, because despite its disadvantages, it can still be played.

    Rate this article Fifa 17 (Review)

    (4.22/5) 9 rates


    too lengthy and this is really casual as its only mention pros & cons but not overview of the game. 2/5

    2 july 2019 17:53

    I think im gonna rate this article 10/10 and the game could deserve 9/10 but im giving it 8/10

    29 january 2020 15:26