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    Rate this article "Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review"

    (4.9/5) 10 rates
    berroni, 4 march 2018 14:07

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is relaxing, truck driving simulator game realistic as real life, developed by SCS Software. It's the game that fulfils your dream of being a professional trucker. This game doesn't require space-shuttle or NASA computer to give you a joy, requirements are pretty low. 
    The game is released on October 19, 2012. 

    At the beginning of the journey, the player starts as a low-skilled trucker forced to work for other companies in order to make money by transporting important cargo across impressive distances. Your goal at the start is to make enough money to purchase a truck and rent your first yard.  But owning a truck gets you a lot of responsibilities. It will bring you more freedom and bigger payments for jobs. After you purchase a truck, next goal is upgrading the garage and hiring more players to drive for you and bring more income until you build a trucking empire, biggest one in Europe! More you play, the more there is to do. If you want to expand quickly, you can take out a loan from the bank. In ets2 you can level up, but your drivers can, too! Actually, they level up the same way you do, but as their boss, you can control the way they do. The game itself is not very hard to start with since there are loans and you can choose how complex your controls are, you get into the game easily enough. 

    This game never gets boring because there is an insanely large area for you to explore, bunch of different trucks to drive and even mods that will enhance your gameplay, including truck mods, trailer mods, interior mods and add-ons, sound mods, truck Skins, maps, cars, parts/tuning mods and more. You can listen to radio stations included in your truck and you can even listen to your own song list.  You can choose routes depending on your free time - you can choose routes distanced thousand of miles away if you have a lot of free time, and you can choose short routes if you just need to relax for 15-20 minutes. The driving in this game is absolutely beautiful. Since you can choose how complex your controls are, everyone is able to enjoy the game. No matter are you the new player or the veteran trucker.  Driving is very relaxing. You can drive in the night or day no matter is it rain or sun or even highway or forest road. This game doesn't require a lot of focusing, only enough not to pass the speed limit or hit someone in traffic and of course, to not tumble off the road. A little difficult thing the game is parking. Don't worry, there is a solution for that. You can skip the parking in every delivery and that will take away a small amount of experience.

    The graphic details are very realistic and lovely enough to give you the real feel of the places you're going through. 
    I would rate this game 10/10, because of it's modern graphic details with low pc-requirements and since the game is very realistic and one of the best truck driving ones. 

    Rate this article Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review

    (4.9/5) 10 rates


    One Of The Best game

    6 march 2018 11:15

    Best game

    16 march 2019 12:40

    I have euro truck simulator 2 Graphics are soo good

    14 july 2019 16:41

    I am playing it from 2013

    3 april 2019 20:54

    nice great cool i love this game lllove

    15 may 2020 13:47

    Best trucking experience on PC, MUST HAVE

    28 december 2018 10:03

    holy moly whenever

    8 january 2021 21:32

    nice simulator , have instaled and sometimes i play it, good review

    12 july 2020 21:00

    It is very farmous game in the world, This game is very funny and chill game

    4 january 2020 20:11

    It is one of the best truck simulation games on the market, it brings a great customization of vehicles and extensive maps, but it is already missed that a new installment of this game comes out a little more renewed and fresh.

    25 june 2020 00:12