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    (4.85/5) 13 rates
    Noutbraz, 27 december 2018 17:56

    Endless Legend - review.


    I will share with you an opinion about the game, which deserves its place in the gallery of the most pleasant, for hanging out, strategies. First of all, we should talk about its visual component and design. In my opinion, the developers managed to create the perfect combination of interface, gameplay speed, screen image and soundtrack. The game is very smooth, but not slow - one move flows into another, and the player continues to admire the snow-capped peaks of the mountains or read the history of local races and sights. All menus are made simple and convenient, very easy to learn, and even for beginners will be pleasantly located here.

    Let's get acquainted with the plot.

    The whole thing happens on the planet of Auriga, which, according to the ideas of the ancient Aborigines, is the progenitor of all races in the game universe. Several of these races are fighting for survival and a place under the sun on the planet. Each has its own motives and capabilities, and each differs from each other in methods for achieving goals. And then - it all depends on the player. Especially in the Endless Legend, you can quite easily create your own race. Separately, the presence of various small races in the game, which can be added to their empire, pleases: they give different quests, or attack the player’s cities, in a word, actively defend their life position, making the game world even more interesting. Here you can say the developers give the player the opportunity to create a story in the course of each new game. In fact, this is a plot sandbox, where each race has a main quest, but you can not worry too much about it and move on.


    The gameplay will appeal to those who like to develop cities, upgrade units, tactical planning, areas with valuable resources and increase their self-esteem by conquering the surrounding countries. In other words, it is a global strategy. The world map is divided into separate areas, their capture by construction in the city, gives bonuses. Entirely the whole map consists of hexagonal cells (which have become simply very popular in all turn-based strategies), on which troops and resources are placed.

    The battles between units are pretty simple and
    Has its own not difficult tactics. A player cannot personally control the fighters, yes, but he can tell whom and when to attack, where to retreat and where there is a free zone. Then the guys act themselves, and the player in the role of the general follows the battle. Each course of the battle needs to distribute tasks correctly, and the correct movement and knowledge of the abilities of both its fighters and those of the enemy is the main factor of victory. And, interestingly, for the battle does not load a separate screen - the surrounding cells become the battlefield.

    And in the game there are heroes who can be appointed both commanders and governors, they can pump the level and have the abilities. The only small minus of the game is that all the abilities of the units in the Endless Legend are automatic, and you can’t personally direct the ability to whatever you want.

    The system of building a city and in general the development of its empire relies on long-term planning: in each city you can distribute people by industry (food, science, production, trade, prestige), and the building of buildings, detachments and improvements occurs gradually , and after a certain number of moves gets the required). Each hexagon on the map is differently useful, and you need to be able to correctly calculate the foundation of the city and its subsequent expansion.

    There is a lot of scientific research in the game, divided into various eras of progress, diplomacy based on prestige points, a rather interesting system: the more points a player has, the more diplomatic actions he can take. Thus, the ability to enter into alliances and declare war becomes a difficult and interesting task. There is also a system for customizing the appearance of their units from the latest achievements in the field of forging armor and weapons and the availability of the necessary resources.

    In general, the developers have tried to create the conditions for each aspect of the game, so you can win, and fighting, and advancing science, and capturing the territory, and achieving success in the diplomatic field, improving production, passing the main quest, and much more - and each type of passage is interesting.


    In general, this game is a very flexible and customizable sandbox, which each time has its own plot. What is missing in many other strategies: playing in a randomly tuned world, a gamer still feels that history is taking place before his eyes. Everything looks harmonious, and Endless Legend is similar to a well-established mechanism. And the great merit of the developers can be called the creation of the original races and the whole world from scratch. Due to this, the gamer does not play regular orcs against people, receiving an incentive to study the history of each race and small nations. Also, the advantages are the actual differences between different factions: one, for example, cannot build cities at all, costing only the recruitment of villages of small races, the other suffers from a lack of population.

    I mean, the game is diverse, and you can go through it many times, and it will always be interesting and different. For each race, there is no single style of passage, and when the player's dwarfs do capture the metropolis of necrophages, and then make an alliance with dragons, thereby winning the game, the gamer understands all the variety and flexibility of the game. From all this, I can only conclude that the game is really worth its money, I really like it when you can play the game many times. My rating is 8 out of 10.

    Rate this article Endless Legend - review.

    (4.85/5) 13 rates


    Good job hopefully it's genuine
    Well presented nicely structured

    28 december 2018 12:37

    I will give this game a chance

    22 june 2020 19:45

    Veri good!!! Nice work👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    28 december 2018 00:11