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    (4.47/5) 83 rates
    Bonhomie1520, 17 february 2019 02:13

    Dumb Ways to Die Review

    Dumb Ways to Die is a role-playing game. This game was developed and published by Metro Trains. This game had cartons graphics but it was the best relaxing game in 2014

    Homepage is a place that you enter after you open the game. In the homepage, there is a tab to shop, daily challenge, Build a bean, Practice, store. Also there is an animation that moving in the middle of the screen. And you can buy some boost or remove ads from the game on the homepage too.

    Shop: Shop is a place where you can get animates, coins, sticker, and accessory. In the shop, there are two tabs. The first tab is a tab that you can get your sticker and animate to use on your Dumb Ways to Die's keyboard. The sticker or animates is realistic with an HD picture. The second tab is a currency tab. In this tab, you can get your coin by paying with your own money. The shop refreshes every 24 hours. When the shop refresh there are a lot of new animate or sticker will come out.

    Build a bean: This is a tab that you can custom your own bean which will appear in the game. The accessory can buy in the shop. the accessory included glasses, ties, and add-ons. The cost of build bean usually from 100-1000 coins. You can also choose skin, hairs, eye, mouth, character color that you like. Add-on also an accessory tab too, that contains the expensive accessory from 1000 coins up.

    Daily Challenge: Daily challenge is a challenge tab that you can challenge from level one to level five every day. And there will show you what animate that will appear on your challenge. This challenge will be refreshed every 24 hours (00 am). You need to pass from level one in order to play level two and up higher. Your daily challenge will be harder depending on your level.

    You play as the random character that you need to take care of them. Ex: If the mission for you to snack and pass the bear. If you snack and that bear is weak up, you will lose one life because of you die. You need to do the tasks which require in time and you will pass the level. As a reward for you, they will give you some free coins to make your own character or whatever you want. You can only earn from the level that you pass, the pass level's reward will be sent to you directly after you lose the game. When you pass a lot of levels and earn a lot of points in the game your time will be short and the gameplay quite hard for you! There are a lot of levels that you can play which will interest you. As soon as you die and lose all your of life, you can play again by starting from 0 points with life. If you want to play on a character you want you can check out the shop to buy the character you want and add it to your character list at your homepage.

    In conclusion:  This game is a game with 2D graphics for gameplay and 3D graphics for download animated. For someone who loves animation tries this game. The currency in this game is a bit expensive but you can earn it by active in the game. There also have another episode as well with upgrade graphic but the gameplay is different.
    This game available for all mobile user over the world except PC user. For PC user can use simulation to play this game. Thank for reading my article.

    Rate this article Dumb Ways to Die Review

    (4.47/5) 83 rates


    i play this game hundreds of time funny and fun

    24 march 2019 12:46

    not a pc game sad

    8 april 2019 12:05

    I think there is already second part of this game

    23 march 2019 08:28

    best game for phone

    4 april 2019 23:08

    🚎🚎🚎good job bro sow

    29 may 2019 13:06

    interesting article and game

    7 april 2019 17:59

    This is a great article! You,should write even more dude

    22 april 2019 22:17

    not bad

    24 march 2019 16:06

    💯 thank you everyone, thank you very much for accepting my article!

    18 february 2019 19:15

    Nice work! Wish i had the same abillity as you to write articles

    17 february 2019 20:29