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    (3.5/5) 6 rates
    Vadeus, 11 november 2017 21:57

    Dota 2's Turbo mode

    Okay, Dota 2 introduces a new Mode, Turbo Mode!

    Now let's dig in deeper on what it is.


    A mode that is like All pick, but shorter in time.

    It grants increased gold and exp, faster couriers, and weak towers there are some pro's and cons to this so let's check them out.

    Now a shorter version of all pick sounds nice, you might be thinking, "Oh a Dota 2 game in less time, that would be great!". Well, sir, you are very mistaken.

    Yes, turbo mode is shorter than all pick but doesn't have the actual experience or same feeling of all pick. Games are faster, sure, but it means lesser gameplay, and lesser gameplay is less fun.

    Other players can quickly get ahead of you, there would be a massive gap in power, die once, and that's 50% game over for your team, especially when you have rookie players by your side, I've played 10 games in turbo mode, and 70% of players I meet are level 15 below, now you might be saying  "Oh they might be smurfing that's all", I can assure you, they are very inexperienced, they think all about killing the enemy, not pushing towers, which is the main point of the game.

    Now I'm not saying rookie players shouldn't exist, turbo mode is kinda made for rookies, to let them get a hang of the game before getting into the real deal, but if you are a Novice or above, you would have a pretty bad time with them.

    Now pros of this are:

    • You can try new meta
    • Shorter gameplay
    • You can test out heroes you've never tried out before in a real fight scenario
    • Great if you just wanna have a quick match, and don't want the match to drag to 2 hours
    • Makes you think fast, cause game is fast

    Now onto the cons

    • Significant imbalance of levels and gold makes the already hard to kill heroes harder to kill 
    • Really can't do stuff like ganking too often, if you leave your lane, you would lose a large amount of exp
    • You would feel very off because of the fast gameplay, level 5 Phantom Assassin, and 2 mins later level 24
    • Basically, there is no strategy, kill enemies, push, win
    • Roshan isn't even noticed anymore

    So yeah, those are my opinions about the new Turbo mode. 


    Rate this article Dota 2's Turbo mode

    (3.5/5) 6 rates


    why here very hard

    29 september 2020 20:53