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    Rate this article "Doki Doki Literature Club review"

    (4.51/5) 562 rates
    Tabyretka21, 12 march 2020 13:46

    Doki Doki Literature Club review

    Doki Doki Literature Club is visual novel which was made by Dan Salvato team. This game was released 09/22/2017. The game is about usual, unsocial schoolboy, who was dragged in literature club by his childhood friend. In this game you can "date" one of the girls, that you like, but believe me, this game is not what it seems to be, so don't expect usual boring romance novel. Just try it and you know what the point. 


    Gameplay is pretty usual for visual novel: just read text and make choices. There is also a mini-game where you need to create a poem with words:




    One of main aspect of visual novel is a good story. So on my opinion story in this game is pretty good. Game starts when main character go to school and hear his childhood friend Sayori calling him. They have a little chat about their hobbies and Sayori mention literature club where she is vice-president. Our main character told Sayori that he don't interested to join any club, but Sayori tell us at least try, so we came to literature club. There is 3 cute girls (beside Sayori) which try to drag MC into club. Our MC try to politely refuse, but later he decides to join the literature club. There game starts. MC need to try go out with one of the girls by writing poems. There is also a big twist in the story that makes this novel unique and I don't want to spoil this twist, but I'm sure that you will be shocked.


    So, good story is nothing without good and interesting characters. There is four girls in this club: Monika, NatsukiSayori and Yuri.



    Monika is the president and founder of literature club. She is very smart and always support MC in everything that he do. Monika is suggested to sharing poems to help other open themselves. She also was in debate club before founding literature club. As we read a story, we find out that Monika was MC classmate one year, but he didn't talk to her, because he was to shy.



    Sayori is childhood friend of main character and vice-president of the club. She is always fun and love to do a lot of jokes, also she really cares about MC and his health. It was Sayori who dragged the protagonist into a literary club. Sayori also have a hidden feeling's, which she hides from everyone (even from MC). Fascinating character.



    Natsuki is that type of girls who in anime called “tsundere”. She loves to read manga and also love baking. When MC first time came to literature club, she backed some tasty cupcakes (and this was one of reason why MC stayed in club). She also has issues with her dad. He is really strict: he doesn't allow her to read manga, because of that she needs to hide it in library of club, he doesn't give her enough food, so she is starving. Because of that Natsuki try to hide and protect herself with her evil attitude to MC, but she is actually a really good person.



    Yuri is shy girl, who like to read horror stories. She also has unusual hobby: collecting a knifes. Yuri also like to making tea. Protagonist at first thinks that she is pretty strange, but if we on her root, MC doesn't think that she is strange, and he even read a book with her. Yuri like a Sayori have hidden feelings, which she will show later. And believe me, you will be shocked.



    1. Really interesting story with twist, that will not leave anyone indifferent.
    2. Great style of game, also a great, detailed sprites.


    1. This is not really a game, so if you want to really play a game, try something else.
    2. A little bit long gameplay for visual novel.
    3. Repetitive gameplay - maybe one of the biggest minuses of this game.
    I like very much this type of "games" and story is really great, but this game not really for all people. If you okay with visual novels and calm repetitive gameplay you will like this game.

    Total rate: 8.4/10


    Rate this article Doki Doki Literature Club review

    (4.51/5) 562 rates


    just moNIKA. DDLC is a great game with a pretty well written story, each character has a backstory that makes them who they are, the twist mid-game is also good.

    7 april 2020 04:29

    i cant say only i like a lot of anime thigs who are good created and im legit here to spam for xp

    3 april 2020 17:28

    I thought this game was about cute girls and all but holy cow it took a dark turn later.

    17 march 2020 16:39

    yuri best girl

    24 april 2020 01:15

    this is great game

    7 april 2020 19:36

    I like the way you described the characters. I rated the article with 5 stars :>

    21 march 2020 17:08

    Monika is my favourite character (i like the game tho) I love you gamehag, I love you doki doki literature club! :D

    27 march 2020 21:27

    friend me on this game and i will give you robux if you give me some too.

    25 march 2020 15:11

    but please friend requst me on Roblox my name in this is my name in roblox and you all are not a chungus if you give me robux.

    25 march 2020 15:08

    Monika is my fa💅🏾vourite character (i like the game tho) I love you gamehag, I love you doki doki literature club! :D


    27 march 2020 21:03