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    Rate this article "Serious Sam 3 review"

    (4.46/5) 305 rates
    Tabyretka21, 11 march 2020 22:51

    Serious Sam 3 review

    This is the most brutal and joyful game I've ever played. I just love this game. Firstly, because of very dynamic gameplay: you literally can't stand still, 'cause if you try to do that, next second you get rocket in your eye. Secondly, this game is very funny on storytelling and Sam's jokes sounds funny and at the same time brutal.


    The gameplay is simple, as it can be — just shoot everything that moves. In Serious Sam, you have many weapons to kill enemies, such as: rocket launcher, minigun, sniper rifle and even medieval weapons. If you don't want to shoot, you can grab a chainsaw and cut the enemies into pieces. If you are too lazy to kill enemies with weapons, then you can get close to enemies and kill them with your bare hands. Now about the enemies that you will destroy. There are many types of enemies that you can kill. Basically, these are strange monsters, such as a headless kamikaze, or skeletons with horse hooves, there is even a large dinosaur robot that will launch rockets at you. Believe me, you won’t be bored.

    There is also a lot mini-bosses like this:IqohGIq0iuFF0vZf8eszZ3AsDOEbHc.jpg


    I'll admit that this is not the strongest side of this game, but who need complicated plot when you have so much action on the screen? So here is the plot: Humanity gets to the point when Earth has exhausted all resources, so humans try to get a new source of resources. One day, mankind made a huge discover — uncover thing called 'Time-Lock'. At this time Mental try to take over the Earth, and he starts a war. Humanity loses very quickly. Mankind tries their last chance and use new technology which was uncovered. Sam Stone was chosen as the most powerful person on Earth, and he is sent to the past to prevent the extermination of humanity. In this game (Serious Sam 3:BFE) we will learn the background of how he got into the past and how humanity lost in war with Mental.

    Game starts when Sam with a couple of soldiers flying trough sand dunes, and they get to the city. Suddenly one rocket hits a helicopter and Sam falls from helicopter on building. And there game starts. Main storyline is about 6-7 hours of gameplay, but I will say that these hours were totally worth it, 'cause it's very interesting to look how Sam will get out of trouble.




    Definitely one of the biggest plus of this game is music. Damjan Mravunac did a great job as always, 'cause any of his songs fit so well. Especially you can see it in moments of battle: music get so intense, It's just great. But not only him did soundtrack to this game. Band called "Undercode" also did a great job. You can hear them a several times, but most epic is “Final Fight” song. This song were on my player since this game came out.


    1. Great music.(especially if you a metalhead)
    2. Very dynamic gameplay, if you like games like DOOM or Duke Nukem, you will definitely like this game.
    3. Sometimes great Sam jokes.

    1. A little bit long gameplay
    2. Story isn't that great, so if you that type of player that want interesting, complicated plot, this is not that kind of game.

    I liked this game so much, one of my favorite FPS game ever. I was a fan since 2004 and I definitely recommend you to play this game at least once. (but believe me you will play much more).

    Total rate: 9.1/10

    Rate this article Serious Sam 3 review

    (4.46/5) 305 rates


    interesting article also this game looks amazing

    25 may 2020 11:01

    Great Game!!

    29 march 2020 06:06

    duble your gun duble your fun

    29 may 2020 18:15

    Thank you all for your comments, I wrote about Serious Sam 2, so wait for it.

    16 march 2020 14:36

    YES, awesome article...makes me
    interested with this game
    keep out corona all...
    and have fun

    30 march 2020 18:00

    awesome i love it its great

    10 april 2020 07:47

    wow this article is perfect bro

    27 march 2020 21:02

    awesome aticle.it was a good game.

    25 march 2020 12:55

    woah amazing article

    5 june 2020 17:12

    the graphics of this game was pretty fine!!!
    the question is???
    can this game playable offline????

    17 march 2020 15:00