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    (2.6/5) 5 rates
    bluguy, 23 november 2017 00:19

    Do you know papers please

    hello guys today i will be talking about a indie game from 2013(yep a log time) called papers please 

    Papers, Please is a puzzle, simulation game focused on the emotional task of working as an immigration officers, deciding who you let in and who you deny entry of. The game is based in a fictional country called Arstotzka. 

    The game play focuses around the work life of an immigration inspect at a boarder checkpoint. Players will inspect documents and using a selection of different tools to work out whether the papers meet all of the criteria to warrant access to crossing the boarder. When you do find a problem with the paper work presented to you, there is also the option to interrogate the applicant, which may result in the need for further information such as a full body scan or finger printers. Once you have worked out all of the paper work and questions being asked, you have to make a choice whether to Accept or deny entry, and then call the next person in line. Only then are you told any mistakes that you have made in the form of a warning slip.

    On top of wading your way through all the paper work, you also have a time limit for the day in which you have to process as many applicants as possible. At the end of each working shift, you will earn money based on how many people have been processed, bribes collected, as well as deductions for any penalties you accrued. Then you must decided how to spend this money with your families budget, spending it on rent, food, heat and other necessities such as medicine or upgrades to your working environment. 

    Paper, Please has a very prominent sound track, which starts as a slow marching rhythm made by bass to represent flow of entrants in the line of applicants and how tired and depressed they are. Although the technical side of the music is basic, it is probably one of the most memorable soundtracks you will hear from a game. 

    The game is only as difficult as you make it; if you pay attention to every little detail, you shouldn't fail. Only if you missing key bits of information or just not paying attention in general will your warnings pile up, and you will start to get less and less money, which results in your bills not being paid, which then results in having to start all over. 

    The game took me a little over twenty hours to complete one run, there is just a huge amount of content to go through, although some of the applicants are scripted such as terrorists or smugglers, along with plot characters, a lot of the others are randomly generated which means no run should ever be the same. 

    Technically, I had no issues what so ever. It's a very technically simple game which can be played in Windows mode without problems either.

    Papers, Please will certainly not be for everybody, but if you want to try something different from the regular shooting and spell casting games we are drowning in today, pick this up. I got over twenty hours of game play out of this awesome £6,99 title

    • Amazingly enough, makes stamping visas intriguing if you are the type of player that can get immersed in pixels.
    • The save system is AWESOME. Almost like a source code repository, if you start playing at an existing day, you create a branch at that day and continue playing in a parallel universe.
    • Many different endings depending on choices made throughout the game. Reminiscent of Chrono Trigger, you do not have to get to the last day to trigger some endings.
    • Even though simple and interactions are quick, you can feel sympathy or opposed to certain characters.

    • Replayability was low for me. The game has very varied endings, but I found that after I meta-gamed the Steam Achievements out, I was not inclined to go back through and try to get the endings for which there are no achievements for.
    • Certain things feel pointless in the game - although that might have been the developers intent.
    • Can be frustrating and wig out your OCD.


    I would recommend Papers, Please if you are type of gamer who does not need flashy graphics or rapid game play to be entertained. If you are a fan of indie game development, Papers, Please is an enjoyable title that may grow on you as it has grown on me.

    Rate this article Do you know papers please

    (2.6/5) 5 rates


    Amazing review of game

    16 august 2021 14:13