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    (3.82/5) 33 rates
    md90, 5 may 2018 11:06


    Hi all this is my first article and my experience about this game 

    So to begin with I first started playing CS 1.6 back in highschool is where i first got familiar with the game itself...Been doing well and I liked it a lot,so I installed it on my laptop at home since I didn't have a computer.I have been playing it at home for quite some time and due to my laptop having a lot of viruses and since it wasn't a good one i had to delete the game and I stoped playing.Years passed and end of last year I somehow convinced my sister to use her credit card and get CS:GO from steam and install the game.I learned pretty quick that the game changed a lot,you had skins crates keys and you needed to pay for all or recive skin drops.Unfortunatly my skills didn't stay and am not that good anymore as i used to be.Am ranking up and doing solo ques in MM,beeing now a noob i got kiceked a lot by rank hungry teamates and toxis players.....Also playing I learned there are a lot of hackers in the game and smurfs which made it difficult to rank up,i don't mind smurfs jus the hackers.Everyone said prime is safe to avoid hackers and i thought cool it will be easier then.Well i was wrong since prime doesn't mean you will avoid hackers.I have been stuggling to get out of silver for some time now,been reading articles on steam  how to improve got training maps to improve my aim started learning smokes flashes nades.Am still using a laptop since i don't have a computer and i don't have a mousepad which messes up my mouse movement.I know mousepads are cheep and i always forget to buy one.One thing that always pisses me off is the cooldown in CSGO.I get that you get cooldown if you don't connect to a game or if you team kill a lot but one thing i don't understand is cooldown for being kicked when you are bottom fragger.You try your best to help your team and they kick you for not being good like they are and if you get kicked too many times you get a cooldown.It happened to me many times and i had many times a week of cooldown becasue of it .I didn't team kill I wasn't toxic I gave info always just i wasn't good as my teamates in MM so they kick me and i get a week of cooldown.I think VALVE should really fix that somehow if possible and really do something about the hackers like ban their IP so they can't make a new account.i read about this guy that sold fake cheats to a looooot of players just so he can trick them and ban for hacking that was something awesome and a cool idea.I know VALVE is working now on improving their anti cheat system and hopefully it will be much better and faster with baning players.I know a lot of people had situations where they couldn't even move from spawn becasue they were instantly killed by a hacker.I saw many videos online where pro players had played against cheaters and ended up getting pissed for not being able to play the game normally.What is the point in hacking where is the fun in that,everyone is playing the game some for fun some to go pro even and improve and you have hackers that make you lose interest in the game.One other thing that upsets me is the fact that there are people who discriminate other players.Today i saw a video on YouTube about this player called Loop and it pissed me off what happened to him.He suffers from a rare condition,but that doesn't stop him from playing the game and he is really good at it.He joined a match and in chat wrote about his condition and the other players started bullying him that he is trolling and that they will mute him and so on.The game went on and at the end they vted him out and kicked him .What does that say about the CS community ?A lot of people got pissed becaue of what happened to him and they showed support.This is a game that everyone can play no need to discriminate and bully someone jsut becasue he is different.There will always be idiots like the ones that did that to Loop and there will always be hackers and toxic players that make you lose interest in the game but if you are willing to go on just ignore and have fun playing.


    I might have gone off my initiall topic but this is my oppinion abut the game and everything related to it .....Maybe is nothing or doesn't amke sense but hope you find it interesting 

    Rate this article CS:GO

    (3.82/5) 33 rates

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    It's cool..

    1 january 2021 00:55

    cs go is the best game out there rn

    29 july 2021 09:59

    Ah, CS:GO is a game we all enjoy. You may have gone a little off-topic near the end, but I find it good how you talk about the toxic players and game. Five star vote, coming from a fellow player who agrees.

    6 march 2021 11:39

    csgo ist the best fps shooter game in the history

    16 april 2021 14:12

    cs go devri bitti hocam

    17 june 2018 11:48

    csgo is good game but that toxic players and hackers make it unplayable. Now i most play just for fun, and play on surf server :D

    14 august 2021 12:41

    Cs go is good xd

    29 june 2021 10:40

    Ah, CS:GO is a game we all enjoy. You may have gone a little off-topic near the end, but I find it good how you talk about the toxic players and game. Five star vote, coming from a fellow player who agrees.

    30 march 2020 22:47

    cs bence hala birçok oyunun onunde giidyor

    3 december 2020 16:12

    cs go devri bitseydi hala 1M anlık oyuncu olmazdı

    3 december 2020 16:11