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    Jukemonster, 28 july 2018 07:42

    Crossout Introduction and Explination

    Crossout is a post apocalyptic game based in the year 2027, after a pandemic disease swept the plant. It is a Russian MMO in which you create your own, unique vehicle that you will use to crush your enemies. You will play to earn gold which can be used to buy to parts for your car, to increase your power. While in game, there are a couple different goals. You can try to kill all of the enemy cars, or you can capture the point. In each case, you must defend yourself, your team, (and sometimes a designated beacon) in order to ensure a victory. So get out there and cross out your enemies. 

    Crossout is a Russian vehicular-combat game. Crossout is pretty much a video game version of the movie Mad Max. It is full of chaos, explosions, and crazy apocalyptic cars with guns. But the game is always fun. 

    The game includes vehicle customization. You start with a simple truck with a mini gun, which soon gets expanded and added onto to become anything you want. You earn gold as you play to buy crates, parts, or items. You can open the crates to receive parts, materials, or items. The parts and materials can be sold or turned into item/weapons. In the end, these will be used to add more firepower to your vehicle, ensuring dominance over your enemies. 

    There are battles which are real-time fights to either, kill the entire enemy team, capture a point, or do other tasks. While in battle, you will have small skirmishes with other cars. If you shoot your enemies tire, it will break/disappear. If you shoot out all of their tires, they will be rendered immobile. That doesn't mean their guns wont work though so be careful. This is the same case for every part of the car. Guns will fall off if they get too damaged, melee weapons will fall off if they get too damages, etc. 

    Crossout also has factions. These factions determine the kind of care you will have. Each player starts as an engineer which gives them access to basic parts. But at level 10 you can go to one of the other 6 factions (Lunatics, Nomads, Scavengers, SteppenWolfs, Fire starters, Dawns Children). Each faction hold different possibilities, for example, The Fire Starters Faction uses explosives, shotguns, and fire based weapons. Whereas the Nomads Factions uses heavier automatic weapons. A good team should have a variety of each factions parts. 

    Another good thing about Crossout is that you can use your in game gold, which you can earn through playing, to buy those items that I talked about earlier. With those items, you can sell them for real life currency. Some players have actually made more money than they have paid for the game. If your a free to play player, than it is 100% profit. 

    Obviously though, nothing is perfect. Even Crossout has its imperfections. Connection is not a very strong personality for this game. Sometimes, you wont be able to find a game for 10 - 20 minutes. I recommend restarting your game when that happens. Luckily, your smart developers at Tergem Games has added an area where you can drive your beast of a car outside. The area has ramps, hills, and (if you want) you can add 5 enemies to test your might. 

    Thank you for reading - good luck!

    Rate this article Crossout Introduction and Explination

    (4/5) 39 rates

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    Crossout is a MMO action game based in a post-apocalyptic world. It has been developed by the creators of the famous War Thunder and brings to us a completely refreshed gameplay on somewhat different terms.If you think Crossout is an other clone of the Wargaming games or War Thunder, then this will bring you a pleasant surprise ...



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    15 august 2018 11:09

    This game is better than i thought, glad i tried it, and the soul gems are nice to earn too.

    4 december 2018 14:43

    forever 😶

    12 january 2019 07:47

    beatiful game :DDD

    3 september 2019 19:18

    not bad article

    30 march 2019 05:03

    i love monsters

    9 november 2019 00:37