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    _loliconics__moch_f13, 27 december 2018 14:48


    The game or rather we know the term Video Game, is an electronic game that can be played either through game or console machines, computers or PCs, and what we are experiencing now, smartphone games or cool language mobile games. Before before popular mobile games, video games, both PC games and game consoles were sold to the public at a certain price according to the services that developers offer in their games. Both online service and offline service. However, in this modern era, many free-to-play games that are mushrooming in society are no exception

    The dominance of free-to-play games both console, PC and mobile does not only make the number of local PC online game publishers mushrooming, but the increasing enthusiasm of the community for the presence of video games. This community enthusiasm can be proven by the influence of free-to-play games on society. One of them is, free-to-play games or F2P can change the society that used to be non-gamers to become gamers.

    When internet cafes began to mushroom, F2P PC online games seemed to not want to miss. Slowly but surely, the local F2P online game publisher began importing F2P games, mostly imported from South Korea. Then, by freeing the game, how do developers benefit? Relax, they have prepared a system that we know as Item Mall (IM), a system that allows players to buy premium items from IM using real money trading (RMT) / real money by buying a voucher code which can then be entered into the game. This system is one way gamers can contribute to supporting the developer.

    Today more and more genres of F2P games are imported by local publishers, both MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), Online FPS (First Person Shooter), and others. F2P game increasingly shows its fangs when one by one local online game publishers appear and managed to seize the attention of millions of Indonesian gamers with their flagship F2P online game.

    This phenomenon, as if the gingeng country-made F2P online game has succeeded in mastering the world of online gaming throughout the world. The game also developed not only from graphics, but gameplay.

    2566142-warframe.x64 + 2013-10-29 + 00-24-55-618
    Warframe, Free to Play TPS Online themed Ninja Space. One F2P game that you can play on PS4 or PC.

    Then, what is the fate of the buy to play (B2P) or pay per subscription (P2P) game that has been hit hard by F2P games? This game has survived from the past and continues to grow until now. Demand continues to increase along with the development of current technology. B2P / P2P games can not only be enjoyed by PC gamers, but with the sophistication of the current console, gamers' consoles can also enjoy it. Unfortunately, there is still little interest from the people to play this B2P / P2P game due to economic limitations, and the proliferation of piracy that allows them to get B2P / P2P games for free, even though not all P2P games can get pirated versions.

    Whereas by buying the game, we indirectly appreciate the work of others and support developers, so as not to go bankrupt and continue to create cool games. The need for PC specifications or high console prices is also one of the factors that this game does not get much attention from local gamers.

    Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Online. One of the best MMORPG buy & pay to play games at the moment and will enter the first expansion period at the end of June 2015. Is one game with a cross-platform system.

    B2P / P2P games have more variations than F2P in terms of platforms, one of which is the existence of exclusive games for consoles that we rarely encounter in F2P games. B2P / P2P games are also a benchmark for F2P games currently available, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. So, what about the differences between the two types of games? Let's discuss this through the description below.


    Black Desert Online. The new game was released towards the end of 2014 in Korea & Japan. Successful games show a very drastic F2P graphics change from F2P games in general.

    This type of game can be called a B2P copy with various modifications. In addition, this type of game can be obtained for free by downloading it on the official site of the publisher or store that provides this game.

    1. Payment System

    • Free to get and play the game.
    • You can support the developer by purchasing a code voucher to buy items at Item Mall.

    2. Features / Benefits / Service

    • Generally the graphics are not too high and stunning like B2P, but if you look at games made in 2014 and above, then you will realize that the graphics of the F2P game have developed quite rapidly. While the gameplay itself is more or less the same as B2P with some modifications to make this game more interesting.
    • Cool animations and designs allow you to imagine how cool your characters and games are.
    • There are single-player and multiplayer features.
    • You can play it with even a low PC specification.
    • This type of game is mostly casual types of games that can be played to just unwind after tired of working or going to school.
    • You don't need / must buy this game or Item Mall if you want to play it.
    • Simple, download, install, & play.
    • Solid community from both the country and abroad.
    • Very unique gameplay variations on both mobile and PC.
    • Series type that is different from its predecessor game.
    • Many unique and interesting genres that are rarely found in B2P.
    • There is a dedicated server that allows you to choose server & room at will.
    • Developers dare to make changes to the type of gameplay in one of the games, creating a stereotype that is copied by the next F2P game. For example Action MMORPG.
    • DLC & updates of important and less important ones are all free.

    3. Weaknesses

    This game also still has disadvantages such as.

    • There is no development of gameplay, they still include the same elements.
    • The existence of ads / advertising is quite annoying on the type of mobile.
    • Tempo developers are too fast to release new games of the same type and contain the same.
    • Animation is still a bit stiff.
    • The existence of IM that can damage the balance of the game that makes this game have another designation from gamers who are bored, namely, Free to Play Pay to Win / F2P-P2W (Depends on publisher policy).
    • Because it's free, you can find many underage children who play this game.
    • Handling admin is considered slow because the publisher must report it to the developer first and the developer responds.
    • Hackers do not look at age mushrooming and destroying the game.
    • The lack of knowledge of developers about the super sophisticated game engine used, so the game should look stunning so it is not stunning.
    • The design of the world is flat and lacking makes this game only interesting if only a few moments are played.
    • Can only play on official publisher servers in each country, no / rarely is there a global server.
    • Developers don't / rarely have a fresh idea that makes F2P games different, most of them take from existing B2P games and make them games with different types / titles. (Example: Mabinogi Heroes / Vindictus Online & Dragon Nest which has the same gameplay as Monster Hunter & Phantasy Star which was first released).
    • The costume design that is generally fairly good from the beginning of the level to the highest level makes it less memorable even though you have reached the highest level.
    • Not all games have online multiplayer features.
    • Not all games are intended for single players.


    Tom Clancy's The Division. Ubisoft's TPS B2P MMO game is the most awaited by gamers, but the release date has been postponed until 2016

    This type of game is a pioneer of the emergence of online games F2P and can be obtained by buying directly through a local online store or its official online store using a credit card, Paypal and other online payments.

    1. Payment System

    • Generally you can get all service types of this game just by buying it once both cash and using a credit card and can use all free services forever (Especially for B2P games, DLC is only optional).
    • You buy the game then pay subscription / subscription per month / year to be able to play it (Especially for P2P games, generally online games).

    2. Features / Benefits / Service

    • Stunning graphics and more modern Gameplay as technology develops from year to year.
    • More refined and realistic animation along with technological developments.
    • There are single-player and multiplayer features both LAN (PC only) and Online.
    • Cross-platform feature that allows gamers and PC gamers to play on one server when using online multiplayer features.
    • Many idealist developers can make the game world more soul / soul, so gamers can dissolve into their world.
    • Online games are more balanced in the absence of IM features that can damage the balance in the game.
    • There is a cloud-service system that allows you to save your savegame online for backups.
    • Broader and more solid community, not only from one continent, but all over the world.
    • Reducing your chances of meeting underage gamers who are not yet mature who can not infrequently damage the community.
    • There is a collector's edition, for those of you who like to collect things are limited edition and can only be obtained if you buy the physical form of the game.
    • The Co-op feature allows you and your friends to work together to complete single-player missions that you cannot complete alone.
    • Exclusive with online service console that minimizes the possibility of game piracy by third parties and makes you appreciate developers more by buying the game.
    • The right lighting, so it doesn't disturb the player so much and can make the player comfortable (except Battlefield 3 and above)
    • Quick handling of professional admins in improving online features of the game and existing bugs.

    3. Weaknesses

    Like games in general, this type of game also has various kinds of flaws, including the following:

    • With the Premium and Short-cut features, one of them is implemented by the famous FPS B2P game, Battlefield which allows players to buy in order to unlock weapons or level up quickly.
    • The lighting is too glare like in Battlefield 3 and above which can make the player disturbed by the glare of the light being implemented.
    • Hackers in multiplayer online that ruin everything.
    • Lag due to remote server location, and slow server response provided.
    • Not all B2P games have online multiplayer features.
    • Lack of servers that make players have to queue if they want to enter the server.
    • High PC specifications needed to play B2P games (PC only).
    • The expensive console needed to play B2P games.
    • The lack of dedicated server / browser browser features in the game, so players have to wait for a long search server so that they can be played according to the player's area.
    • Paid DLC whose contents are not so important.
    • The existence of the same type of game series that are released each year with gameplay that is more or less the same from the previous series.
    • Only certain genre games can make players dissolve in their world.
    • The number of gameplay experiments that were then not continued and developed despite getting good responses from consumers.

    Yep! Until this is the review of B2P / P2P and F2P games in my opinion, please include your comment in the comments column if you have other opinions. This review does not mean to offend or insult one of the games, but to review the contents, advantages and disadvantages of the B2P / P2P and F2P types of games from public view. Do you want to support developers by buying their games (B2P / P2P), or buying IM in an online game (F2P)? All choices are in your hands, use them wisely.

    Rate this article Comparison of FREE TO PLAY GAME VS PAY TO PLAY

    (3.44/5) 16 rates


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