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    (4.83/5) 18 rates
    DmanHUN, 23 december 2018 13:45

    Company of heroes 2 Review

    Ever wanted control a war?
    You can in this game..

    This game is a real time strategy game (RTS game). This is a sequel to Company of heroes which was released in 2006, CoH 2 (company of heroes 2) was released in 2013.

    Both games are set in World War II, and in CoH 2 you are controlling the Soviet Red Army.


    • weather:
      • Many battles were fought in winter weather, troops can die of frostbite if you don't place down fireplaces
      • Not all maps have winter, there are sunny maps too
      • Some rivers are frozen, so you can go over it
      • If a heavy vehicle, or a lot of people crosses it (it can break by an explosion too), it will break and drown your troops
      • If troops are moving through deep snow, they will be slowed down
      • Footprints are visible to the enemy, so they can track your troops down

    • Buildings:
      • You can build next to your HQ
      • You can build, tank center, vehicle center and weapons center
      • each building give you different units
      • your troops can occupy civilian buildings
      • wooden building can be burnt down by flamethrowers, and concrete/brick houses can be damaged by artillery or by tanks and vehicles driving into them
      • you can also build a field hospital, to help the injured troops

    • line-of-sight:
      • You (the player) will only see enemies, that your troops can see
    • Resources:
      • You can capture points, which generate fuel and ammunition points
      • fuel and ammunition points can be used to get more vehicles and troops (better units cost more)
      • Theres also Manpower, which is used for building, and recruiting troops

    I mainly played the multiplayer of this game, and its a lot of fun with friends. The game has a few "pay-to-win" elements in it, because you can only unlock countries, generals and skins by paying. Every country and generals have different abilities and units. You can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4, You can play with or against bots.
    There are 2 game modes (these game modes don't have names, instead of choosing the game mode, you need to choose the map, which has the game mode you want to play):
    1. You need to capture every point, then destroy the enemy base
    2. You need to defend one or multiple points


    Its the same as the mutiplayer, you have objectives to capture or defend a point, the only difference is that you have a story to do, and you can only play by yourself.

    My thoughts:

    I like RTS games, (my favorite, is Red Alert 3, it's really nostalgic of me) but this game is a bit too repetitive, even with friends it can get boring pretty fast. The graphics aren't that bad, I like it. I like the gameplay mechanics, especially the line of sight and the building.
    I think I get bored of the game fast because you can only unlock new content by paying for it.

    Rate this article Company of heroes 2 Review

    (4.83/5) 18 rates


    reskinned dawn of war 2 game

    27 june 2020 10:34

    good game

    25 december 2018 02:20

    good rts

    24 december 2018 17:26

    best game and fun with online

    28 march 2019 12:53

    Simple work, not bad

    24 december 2018 17:14

    Nicely done.

    23 december 2018 22:44

    Simple work
    Seems to be genuine
    Try to expand a bit more for future projects

    23 december 2018 22:26

    Best ww2 rts game

    24 december 2018 02:30

    good work

    24 december 2018 00:47

    Very Understandable and very interesting. Keep up the good work

    23 december 2018 16:28