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    (4.58/5) 237 rates
    Sebastian50, 22 november 2019 23:40

    Clash Royale (Part 7)

    Hello to all users and gamers, in this article I will explain about some points of Clash Royale and answer to some useful question about this mobile game. I hope it will be useful and you will enjoy from it.

    You don’t know about Clash Royale? No problem, here is an article that can help you:


    ❓ How to make a good battle deck in Clash Royale? Do we have to put legendary cards in it?

    From the first moment of this game, players start collecting cards based on the which arena they are to make a good deck for their battles and the only goal is to win. Before you can make a useful deck you should know about the quality of cards, the amount of elixir they cost and the functions of them. We have 4 kind of cards, they are: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards and as you can guess from the name of them, the Legendary ones are the hardest gainable cards in the game that players can get from chests and events. Upgrading a card to its next level requires some same cards and some amount of Golds as the costs of the upgrade. The average elixir cost for you deck (that includes 8 cards) is also important and it shows that your battle deck is good or not.

    For examples,

    • If your average elixir cost is more than 4 elixirs that means your deck is a little heavy (expensive) and you have less chance to deploy more cards in the arena, instead of that most of your cards are so powerful and they can do lots of damage to enemy’s basement but it will be so hard to make that progress in this way.  
    • If your average elixir cost is less than 3 elixirs that means your deck is so light (cheap) and you can deploy many cards in the arena rapidly and defending of your towers will be easier but for attacking most of them are so weak to be considered as a threat for your opponent so they can’t do enough damage to the enemy towers and there is no hope for winning the match.
    • The best average elixir cost is between 3 – 4 elixirs that means your deck is normal and you have a good chance to deploy cards right in the place where you need them. In these type of decks, players usually should have some offensive cards for pushing, some defensive cards for defending and some spells for necessary emergencies.

    The most important part is to know how your cards work and when & where to deploy them. If you don’t know about your cards function, I highly recommend to read the INFO of you cards and try them in training arena before you start playing them in the online matches. Where you find out about your cards performance then you can decide to use them in offensive or defensive situations.

    High elixir cards: (6 - 9 elixirs)

    These kind of cards are usually used for attacking but it doesn’t mean you can’t use them in defensive situations. Most of them are so powerful and do a lot of damage to one single target and because they have lots of HP we call them Tank type cards. (Every type of cards that can support other cards by absorbing damage can be considered as a Tank.)

    Medium elixir cards: (4 – 5 elixirs)

    You can deploy these cards everywhere you like for defending or attacking with or without other cards. When you need to defend and cheap cards are not strong enough, also you don’t have enough elixir to deploy one super strong card to defend and then push, one of these cards will be so useful. They might also survive from a battle with the help of your tower but if they are engaged in a defensive fight, they will not have enough remained HP for a wave of attack unless you support them with another card. 

    Low elixir cards: (1 - 3 elixirs)

    These kind of cards are usually used for defending and supporting for a wave of attack against enemy’s basement but they aren’t usually used for attacking alone due their little amount of HP. Although they may cause lots of damage to enemy troops and towers with other cards, they are so weak to deploy alone against them.


    Some points:

    • Some of the cards only targets towers and defensive buildings and ignore enemy troops and some of them doesn’t have a favorite target so they attack each enemy card they are nearby and enemy towers. (it depends on what they see sooner!)
    • Don’t forget to put spell cards in you deck, they can save your towers from enemies or eliminate enemy towers & troops with low Health Point.
    • And at the end, for answering the question that “Are the Legendary cards necessary to have in the battle deck?” the answer is NO! [For more explanations, refer to my second article about this game.]

    This is my 7th article about Clash Royale, if you want to know more about this game check my previous article: gamehag.com/news/clash-royale-part-63

    You’ll make me happy if you comment your opinion about my article and show me is it useful or not by rating it. Thanks for reading!

    Rate this article Clash Royale (Part 7)

    (4.58/5) 237 rates


    cool great art

    3 march 2020 11:20

    Reminded me of many things in that game.

    19 april 2020 11:49

    for me this game is soooo boring

    11 april 2020 17:01

    nice game

    10 april 2020 15:17

    rip I miss playing this game when I was younger

    1 june 2020 19:56

    this is confusing and helpful at the same time

    28 march 2020 13:34

    oh that game i miss it i was in arena 12

    5 may 2020 14:58

    I really like this game

    24 april 2020 17:01

    This is a good series of article. Probably better that game of thone's last season.

    24 december 2019 07:53

    It a best game with some strategy but need to use your brain to be the best guy in clash royal

    8 may 2020 14:44