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    (4.47/5) 161 rates
    Sebastian50, 17 october 2019 20:03

    Clash Royale (Part 5)

    Hello to all users and gamers, in this article I will explain about some points of Clash Royale and answer to some useful question about this mobile game. I hope it will be useful and you will enjoy from it.

    You don’t know about Clash Royale? No problem, here is an article that can help you:


    v8x_question.png What new things has new season of Clash Royale (Shoctober) brought for us?  

    The 4th season of this game has come out with so many cool stuffs and new things which are just recently added to the game to make it fresh and more interesting to play for the CR players, so I’m going to explain a little about new things I found out about them in this the new update…

    • New Halloween arena & theme

    If you have more than 4000 trophies in the game, you probably noticed about the new arena. A scary and cool battle field for ranked players. The whole main theme has been changed too, now we can see purple screen instead of usual blue theme. (+ New loading screen)

    • New rare card: Elixir Golem

    It looks like Clash Royale team has a plan to add a new card every month with new season. This month we got Elixir Golem which is costed 3 elixirs to deploy and when it gets destroyed, it disparts to 2 El-Golemites and every single of them disparts to 2 small baby El-Golemites. Looks so powerful for a 3 elixir card, huh? The bad part still awaits, when it got totally destroyed your opponent receives 4 elixirs! This Tank type card only targets buildings and towers just like normal Golem and Giants and it’s been placed in Spooky Town. (Arena 12)


    • New Pass Royale stuffs and Bonus Bank

    Every new Pass Royale brings new rewards for P.R. users including: New tower skin (Pumpkin tower), New exclusive Emote, chests – golds – trade tokens and one new ability to gift 500 gold to your clan mates just by buying the Pass Royale status. Your clan mates can claim this reward once you activate this feature during the season.

    Bonus Bank Gold will be usable when you completed the Tire 35 and reach the final reward. After that every 10 crowns you get adds 250 bonus golds to this bank. You can claim these extra golds when season ends. (The maximum golds you can earn is 10.000)

    • New Party mode

    Before update there was a rumor that 2vs2 mode will be gone but it’s not true. Instead of the icon of 2vs2 mode, new party icon is appeared, click on it and you will see some modes to play for earning some chests without stress of losing any trophies; 2vs2 is one of them and the list of these modes will be updated…


    • Some small changes
    • The trophy road rewards have been changed.
    • You can see Emotes animations just by clicking on them. (In personalize section)
    • Every player gets a new legendary Emote just by updating the game.
    • There are some new events which will give you some cool unique emotes.
    • New normal quests and Shocktober special quests have been appeared.
    • No longer global challenges list can be seen.
    • It no longer shows the costs of donating a MAX level card and now it’s free.
    • You can complete a Tire instantly just by paying 100 Gems.

    This is my 5th article about Clash Royale, if you want to know more about this game check my previous article: gamehag.com/news/clash-royale-part-42

    You’ll make me happy if you comment your opinion about my article and show me is it useful or not by rating it. Thanks for reading.

    Rate this article Clash Royale (Part 5)

    (4.47/5) 161 rates


    Very helpfull again thank you so much!😀😍😀

    8 november 2019 12:37

    I agree it is amazing DUDE that's amazing!😍😍😀😀😍😀😍😀

    8 november 2019 14:15

    Cool game, who has what deck of cards?

    9 november 2019 07:20


    8 november 2019 12:14

    God they keep adding P2W features. Nobody asked for a "pass royale" really. They are pretty much cashing out on this game

    8 november 2019 14:00

    My favourite card is P.E.K.K.A

    11 november 2019 14:56

    wow so cool

    8 november 2019 13:58

    It is very good

    8 november 2019 02:19

    very helpful indeed

    9 november 2019 09:38

    Very helpfull again thank you so much!😀😍😀

    7 november 2019 19:07