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    (4.38/5) 210 rates
    Sebastian50, 16 january 2020 22:47

    Clash Royale (Part 10)

    Hello to all users and gamers, in this article I will explain about some points of Clash Royale and answer to some useful question about this mobile game. I hope it will be useful and you will enjoy from it.

    You don’t know about Clash Royale? No problem, here is an article that can help you:


    ❓ How can we gain Tower Skins, is purchasing Pass Royale the only way to get them?

    Tower Skins are the most unique things that have ever come to Clash Royale, because they totally change your tower look for Permanent in your battles, however they don’t effect on your game-play but looking cool and different can be considered a good point in my opinion. As you know, every new season brings at least one new Tower Skin to the game for the Pass Royale players and the only thing they should do to gain it, is collecting some crowns to reach the certain P.R. Tire and then boom! The Skin is theirs. So what about the players who don’t want to buy the Pass Royale? There are two ways to get some Tower Skins in different ways until now…

    • Gaining Tower Skin from Normal Tire:

    All Clash Royale players have the opportunity to get a free Skin from Normal Tire and for getting it they need to collect crowns and reach the certain Tire just like P.R. ones. These free Tower Skins are not in all seasons as normal Tire reward, so when you see one do not miss the chance to get it!

    • Buying Tower Skin from C.R. Shop:

    There can be a special offer in the Clash Royale Shop and it just appears for a limited time. Players can buy it directly from the shop but not all the players from all countries, some players can’t even find or see the offer like me! :(


    ❓ Can you explain about the new feature that’s called “CARD LEVEL BOOST”?

    If you have read my previous articles, you probably know that every new season brings a new card to the game and you can get it from the events and Trophy Road that will reward you this new card earlier or waiting until its normal release time, then get it from chests and quests. Clash Royale team decided to make a change for new cards which is this new BOOST feature. When you find a card that’s recently added to the game, it will be boosted to your kings’ tower level for the season time period, it means during this time there is no need to upgrade the card to using it in your battles and all the players have an equal chance for deploying it as strong as your other cards in your level. You can test the card in your main battle deck and if you find it useful, it’s now the time to collect enough cards to upgrade it to what level you want.

    This feature has been activated in the game from Clashmas (Season 6) and have been included 2 new cards until now:

    1) Battle Healer – Rare (4 Elixir) – Arena 12 (Spooky Town)

    2) Firecracker – Common (3 Elixir) – Arena 10 (Hog Mountain)


    This is my 10th article about Clash Royale, if you want to know more about this game check my previous article: gamehag.com/news/clash-royale-part-9

    You’ll make me happy if you comment your opinion about my article and show me is it useful or not by rating it. Thanks for reading!

    Rate this article Clash Royale (Part 10)

    (4.38/5) 210 rates


    Clash Royal in now quite old now but graphics are still rocking

    28 january 2020 21:43

    gracias es muy util

    4 february 2020 21:24

    I love crash royale... so addictive and cool, thanks for this lovely article!

    19 january 2020 18:54

    Hello Seb the article is exelent i play clash royale the game is very fun and other people should play it as well

    24 january 2020 13:02

    wow 10th one already! nice job and keep up the amazing work

    24 january 2020 08:46

    Do you have tower skins in this game?? and new emoji's? sorry I did'nt play this game for a long time

    27 january 2020 19:32

    pero contienes spam

    4 february 2020 21:28

    This Article Is one of the best articles
    why you may ask?
    Clash Royale a lot of people say its dead
    but guess what its not
    and this articles keeps everyone tuned on everything so this article keeps the game alive

    21 january 2020 22:25

    You can really get to know the game just by reading this article. Keep up the good work good game

    26 january 2020 07:48

    You can really get to know the game just by reading this article. Keep up the good work GG.

    22 january 2020 12:38