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    Julio_Lokin, 29 november 2017 23:21

    Check out Star Wars: Battlefront tips to get well in multiplayer

    Star Wars: Battlefront is the new shooting game from EA's acclaimed franchise released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The title features nine game modes, nine maps and six iconic heroes from the series, including Han Solo, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Although Battlefront is a casual shooter that can be learned and mastered by any type of player, it still requires more strategy than other shooter games available in the market.

    First or third person? Choose the ideal perspective for each occasion

    One of the characteristics that differentiates Battlefront from the other shooters is the possibility of alternating the vision at any time during the confrontation. While first-person perspective ensures more accuracy for long-range shots, third-person mode is ideal for more strategic disputes that require a wider field of view.

    In first person, the character has a limited perspective that can harm in modes with 40 players, like "Supremacy" and "Attack of the Walkers". Since, in these phases, there are enemies sprouting in every corner. In the third person, the combatant manages to have a deeper view of all the elements of the scenario, which facilitates the achievement of objectives.

    Enhance your favorite Star Cards

    Do not forget that you can purchase enhancements for Star Cards in Battlefront. The "Thermal Detonator" can get even more powerful and with considerably less recharge time.

    To improve a Star Card, open the unlock menu, select the desired item and press the "Enhance" option, which is usually available for 7,000 points as soon as the item is unlocked in inventory.

    Do not be afraid to use vehicles and heroes

    In modes for up to 40 players, it is common to see Imperial and Rebel soldiers working only with traditional weapons. Do not be afraid to venture into the AT-AT, Airspeeder, X-Wing, and TIE scenarios, as Battlefront vehicles are extremely powerful weapons capable of killing multiple enemies within seconds.

    In addition to vehicles, there are heroes available in game-specific modes, such as "Hero Hunt, Heroes vs. Villains," "Supremacy," and "Attack of the Walkers." In some of them, you can become characters in the series by collecting power-ups scattered throughout the vast environments - there is a time limit of 12 seconds to use them. In general, power-ups appear in the same locations, so try to memorize them to gain advantage.

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    Remember that heroes do a lot of damage, have three special abilities, and are tougher than Stormtroopers and Rebel soldiers. So take advantage of them to earn high scores during battles.
    Invest your points smartly

    In Star Wars: Battlefront, you can unlock dozens of appearance items, weapons, and emotes with credits purchased at the end of the rounds. However, investing initially in cosmetic accessories and armaments is not a good idea, since the initial blasters - E-11, the famous Stormtroopers' weapon, and A-280C, the rebel's favorite weaponry - are great choices.

    So spend your valuable starting points on thermal detonators, impact grenades, wrist cannons, and passive skills such as the "Stable Mira" and the "Pulse Propellant." During our tests, the "Sensor Pulse" proved to be one of the most effective cards in the title since it is able to identify the exact position of the opponents over a short period of time.

    Complete the challenges

    Meet the three additional challenges to get credits and experience points easily. Complementary goals, such as hitting 10 headshots, executing 100 kills, or winning three times in specific modes, for example, grant generous amounts of points. If any challenge is too demanding, simply spend 500 points to get a new mission. Renew the tasks as needed.

    Start with training, battle and survival modes
    As much as the focus of Star Wars: Battlefront is indeed multiplayer, there are single player modes that offer amounts of credits for relatively easy-to-complete tasks.

    In "Battle" and "Survive" modes, basic missions are available at different levels of difficulty, with equivalent prizes for each target. The training mode, which also lasts a few minutes, also serves as an initial incentive to acquire credits and thereby unlock the game's first Star Cards.

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