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    (3.67/5) 9 rates
    anik_rm, 12 january 2018 21:15

    Castle Clash: Brave Squads

    Castle Clash: Brave Squad is a strategy game. You have to build, lead and fight. With magical characters and heroes you can fight with mythical creatures. You can raid other players. This game have over 100 million player so you can challange yourself by attacking them how much creative attacker you are. And become world's greatest warlord.

    strategy games are now all around. But some of them are worth enough to spent your time. Clash Castle: Brave Squad is one of them. Castle Clash: Brave Squad is different from other strategy games.  This game is magical and fill with some cute characters and heroes. Heroes are mostly important in this game. They help alot to win battles.  There are too many heroes to select and collect. and of course you have to upgrade your favorite hero and heroes have different abillity which will make you confuse which one to select and which to not. Its not like you can select one hero only Its like you cant select all. You need resourses to upgrade and make your defense and heroes bettter so you have to attack to get those which is cool.
    its not only attacks and heroes you have to make your base stronger too. you have upgrade your resourse to get more from them and your heroes to defend. more you upgrade more stronger you become and more heroes you can collect. You can raid someone to get resourse if you run out. And players also can attack you. IGG.COM are giving their best to make this game even more magical and beautiful. This game is only for Iphone or Ipad which is sad because many android gamers want to try this game out. 
    I personally love this game. I love the music and sound effect most. i love to collect heroes and attack dungeons or raid others for resourse. I think This game is great time killer. This game is free to play (in app purchase). I think devolopers spent their time to give us this game so i want to say thanks. And i promise you play this game for once you will be back again and again. 

    Rate this article Castle Clash: Brave Squads

    (3.67/5) 9 rates

    Play Castle Clash: Brave Squads

    Castle Clash: Brave Squads

    Castle Clash is a epic strategy with exciting combat system! Lead your army, hire powerful Heroes and fight with mythical creatures. Become the world's greatest warlord. Raids, dungeons and many more! Join this magical world with over 100 milion players!...


    Thank yo so much for reading my weird articles.

    16 january 2018 12:17

    Clash of kings
    I will speak about strategy game its Clash of kings that game its the best strategy game on mobile because you can make clans and attacked the enemies and bomb an enemies castle's And spying on the enemies, observing their movements and attacking a tactical attack while developing a plan with your allies and when you fall into a problem you find supplies and the armies of your allies are going to you to your castle, and we will talk more about this amazing game.

    This game depends on collecting resources and going to farms, forests and mines in order to take taxes from peasants and workers so that you can fortify and build your castle and equip and train your soldiers and get offensive and defensive tactics as there are traps and defence towers for your castle.
    In terms of soldiers, there are four basic classes in the army.

    1) Arrows: They are the ones who launch the arrows, and they are the ones upon whom the army depends by weakening the front rows of the enemy's army, and their level and development can be raised to 14 levels.

    2) Pedestrians and spears: They are the ones who advance the army and they are the ones who risk being shields for the rest of the army, and they can raise their level and development to 14 levels.

    3) The Knights: They are those who are distinguished by penetrating the enemy's army and reaching the enemy's heart with their spears and horses, and their level and development can be raised to 14 levels.

    4) Armour and Catapult: This type of warfare tool is very suitable for penetration of fortresses and castles, and their level can be raised and developed to 14 levels.

    Resources and ways to obtain them
    As for resources, it can be obtained by building farms to obtain food, cutting trees for wood, digging rocks to obtain stones, and building mines to obtain iron, and this is done under lands under your control, but that will not suffice you, you should launch raids on farmers and neighbouring villages or Even attacking ot

    31 march 2020 20:41

    what is this ?

    20 november 2018 17:46


    17 march 2018 21:46

    My fav game

    10 april 2019 23:32

    Very good😍

    6 october 2018 16:35

    i cant play on Android

    27 may 2018 04:05