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    Rate this article "100 Thieves CSGO drops out of Boston Major 2018"

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    OrangutanGanja, 13 january 2018 06:41

    100 Thieves CSGO drops out of Boston Major 2018

    100 Thieves announced today that their Counter Strike: Global Offensive division were not able to take part in the ongoing ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 due to immigration issues and will be dropping out from the competitive Major LAN series effective immediately.

    100 Thieves, the popular Esports franchise founded and managed by Call of Duty veteran Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag announced on twitter today that their recently picked up CS GO division, previously the ex-IMMORTALS CS GO stars HEN1, fnxNTC, LUCAS1, KngV- along with new addition to their team Bruno "bit" Lima will not be attending the ongoing ELEAGUE Boston Major of 2018 due to immigration issues. The news came to the Global Offensive community as a shock and heartbreaking as the Brazilian fans and fans from all around the globe wanted to see the squad return and perform in the upcoming Majors after they went through a hefty break-up with their previous franchise IMMORTALS CS GO due to personal issues.

    100 Thieves announced on twitter that they were very disappointed to share with everyone the news of their CS GO division's departure which happened mainly due to immigration issues. The news is devastating for both the players and the Brazilian fans, one of the most passionate and energetic fans in the world and they said that they are truely sorry for not able to come in terms in order to fix the player's travels to the United States. The franchise worked incredibly hard in collaboration with some of the Industry's finest immigration lawyers but unfortunately things didn't go as how they were planned. However all hope is not lost for the players, as much as we love seeing these players perform in LAN's, the fans agree to the same as 100 Thieves also stated that they can't wait for the players to keep on competing throughout the rest of the year under their new home banner. It is however not announced by Valve as to which team will replace them in the ongoing major, pretty much is it for us to wait and find out.

    Rate this article 100 Thieves CSGO drops out of Boston Major 2018

    (2.5/5) 2 ratings


    100 thieves hmmm weird

    16 january 2018 12:15

    market prices for those items hit the ceiling levels

    15 january 2018 13:46

    market prices for those items

    27 december 2019 11:01