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    (4.39/5) 41 rates
    Dav0o7, 15 june 2019 20:25



    Minecraft ? Base Defence ? FPS ? ... YES !!!! All of them in one game ! If you love them all then this game is just for you !
    Time is ticking !! Quick, collect some blocks, build traps and cover your base, until match starts ... And then ... ATTACK !! DESTROY ! Get that W ! ...


    This game is simple. Block based maps, Two teams, 4-5 players each. Each team has it's own Cube (base) to defend and they have only one objective - To destroy enemy's Cube before the opposite happens. It looks pretty simple huh ? 
    Don't worry, there are lots of things, which will make enjoyable, intense and fully random ! This game is SANDBOX type, so you are the maestro of this game, anything you do can affect whole game in future. 


    • Building Phase
      Each team starts from their Spawn Point with some amount of 'blocks' and rushes to cover their Base with blocks, put defensive devices and traps, get rid of useless blocks which only close view and don't help at all ... There is unbreakable wall between two teams until this Phase ends and the real game begins, so that they can't interrupt each other or even peek to see opponent's base. So be safe to do whatever you want and focus on covering your base well, so it will be easy to defend for you. 

    • Battle Start

      In order to win, you need to communicate with teammates before game to decide who will play attacking and push opponent's base & who will play defensive to stay back in base and kill anyone who tries to attack your base. Don't worry, there are classes to help people either attack or defend, about what i will talk later. 
      So when Building Phase ends, unbreakable wall goes down and destroying phase begins :) All you see is explosions, bullets and enemies rushing on you. Choose one of the ways to attack your enemy - Underground, Straight or air. This is physics free game, so you don't need to worry about any weight or wind )) Any block which is connected to ground or even clouds will stand strong until someone destroys it or it's way to "Root". That makes impossible, possible. Go up to sky and build some sniping points, or just build your way to enemies base (be careful though).
      During the game there will be "Supply Drops" and "Boost Drops", which will either give you some 'blocks' to work with or powers like Shield or an ability to make extra damage to opponent's base. So grab it first, because who wants to give opponent an opportunity ?

    • End-Game (Spoiler Free :3)
      It takes too long and game still goes on without any team having opportunity ? Don't worry, every story has an ending, either good or bad. If battle lasts longer then usual, game will drop more boosts, and will make respawning delay longer, so it is possible to wait 1 minute after dying. So don't kamikaze during this phrase. Play it smart, and you will gain all chances to win the match.


    Game Features :

    • Characters - There are characters of 3 classes (Brain, Brawn and Skill), each type of them has it's special types of blocks, which can be put only by them (f.e. Brain role heroes can put Health and Ammo regenerating stations, but others can't) and that means if you have no Brains role hero in your team, then nobody will be able to heal or grab ammo during the game and will be forced to die and respawn, which takes some time. Same is with other classes, so be sure to have each class character in your team.
      Each class itself has many Characters with different guns, different Abilities and different Hero Blocks. So you have lots of choices until you find the one, which leads you to the all time victory.
    • Abilities and Hero Blocks - with 'F' key (by default, you can change it if you want) you activate Active Ability of your hero, and it will of course have cool-down time + there will be Passive Ability, which will be always active. (f.e. Ninja 'Juan' has Passive Ability to climb walls, Hero block 'Hero Shrine' and Active ability, which you use to teleport to your 'Shrine', doesn't matter where were you - fighting , doing parkour or was 1 meter away from lava... Astarella has Passive Ability of double jumping, Active Ability of speeding herself and running faster then cheetah :), and Hero Block 'Orbital Strike Beacon', which can be placed near your enemy base so that after a short delay laser will shoot that place and destroy everything. etc ...)
    • Perks - You can buy perks from the store with gold you get by playing matches. There are several types of perks to choose from one, which you prefer. Be careful though, each perk has it's positive and negative effects. For example if you make your person 'Tank'-ish, it will decrease the speed too, if you decide to do more damage with your gun, reload speed drops too ... So choose wisely what perks will suit your style of playing.
    • Blocks - Map is fully created from various blocks which can be destroyed or built on. But there are types of blocks which can't be destroyed with anything. So don't worry, you can't stay without playground either ^_^. Before the match start every player chooses the blocks he want to use during the game. There are some strong blocks to cover your base, light blocks for fast building, on-ground (spikes, bear traps ...) or activating (lava, toxic ...) trap blocks, which you can combine with fake blocks to create some sneaky trapped holes, device blocks like mortars, turrets, radars to detect near enemy, etc ... , destroying type blocks (Nuke, Bomb, TNT, C4), ...  


    • Free To Play game
    • Easy to earn gold and spend them
    • Anything can be dropped from loot crystals (skins, new heroes, block skins ...), there is nothing in-game which is only available through spending real money
    • Workshop creative maps. Ability to create whatever you want and share it to community or to your friends only ...
    • Easy controls.
    • ~ Hero rotation. There will be 3 heroes available to use for free until you buy some from store. They will change after some time. (For some users this can be disadvantage)
    •  Never-the-same gameplay. Nothing repeats, each game is different starting from the map, ending with tactics you use with your teammates.
    • Fast communication. There is a button to send fast messages to your teammates.
    • Can run on low-specs PCs.


    • Only 'one' mode available officially. This game is all about covering your cube (well maybe 2 or 3 cubes) and attacking other's. There is no game mode you can try, unless you download some parkour, deathrun, or PVP maps from Steam Workshop and try them out.
    • Poor Matchmaking system. If you are lucky you will get a match sooner, but by default you need to wait 3-5 minutes, or even more to play a game.


    Rate this article Block'N'Load

    (4.39/5) 41 rates


    kind of a Minecraft copy but still a well thought game

    7 january 2021 14:42

    Wow! That is damn thing little kind humble shit bored

    18 june 2019 08:54

    Interesting, I defenetly should check this game.

    10 march 2020 15:11


    26 july 2019 08:47

    очень крутая игра

    28 july 2019 09:48

    Ну так собі

    21 july 2019 17:58

    I like this game i play hours and hours

    24 july 2019 11:29

    it's a pity that no one plays it anymore

    17 november 2019 12:42

    Looks like a good time consumer

    18 june 2019 08:22

    A good & Interesting article

    20 june 2019 13:28