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    Rate this article "Best PoE Unique for PoE currency."

    (4.48/5) 364 rates
    Misty, 13 september 2021 11:04

    Best PoE Unique for PoE currency.

    Most role-playing games usually have their own particular currency for purchasing different items in-game and Path of Exile is the same. PoE currency mainly comes in the form of Orbs used for trading different unique items among players, there are different types of orbs available, Exalted orbs, Chaos orbs and many more. Here are some of the items to look forward to in the game:

    Want the best Unique items in Path of Exile has to offer that every player can use? Here are some great choices.

    From best armour to weapons, here are some PoE Unique items that you should definitely be looking out for.

    Getting unique items in Path of Exile can really help out your experience. With everything from armour to weapons, you can get some pretty neat gear along the way. We are going to be taking a look at some of the best unique items that Path of Exile has to offer, so save up that PoE currency in case you need it to make your way towards these PoE items.

    Shavronne's Wrappings

    Firstly, we will be looking at a piece of chest armour that is very effective. Shavronne's Wrappings gift you with great protection from chaos damage thanks to the boosted Energy Shield that it offers you. If you are working on a build for your character, then this can be very useful. This will stop chaos damage from taking you out straight away.

    If you can use auras to keep your health up and have the likes of Pain Attunement ready, then you are going to be a true force. This is a great indicator of what a unique item should do for you in Path of Exile.


    This is considered to be one of the best unique in Path of Exile that you can get in the entire game, especially for those who are looking into mapping. For those unaware, mapping is the Path of Exile equivalent of end-game content, and is something that can be very taxing without the right setup. Using this belt, you will get modifiers from rare monsters for 20 seconds after they are dead.

    If you were to get a modifier that made you bigger, then you could soon be filling the screen. The reason as to why this is comes from the buffs being able to be stacked. Since the mapping parts of the game have a lot of enemies, you're soon going to grow for sure.

    This is of course just one example of the modifiers that you could end up with. There is no telling since it depends on the monster that you kill. But having the belt itself is going to be a crazy yet highly effective addition to your arsenal. If this was something that would take up even your highly valuable Exalted Orbs, then you'd be recommended to do it.

    Bottled Faith

    Who would have thought that a flask would have such a positive effect? Probably many of you, since that's essentially what flasks are capable of in Path of Exile. But this Bottled Faith flask stands out in particular. Why, you ask? Because it is able to increase the damage that you dish out to enemies, and a high raise amount in critical chance too.

    You are able to use it up to three times before refilling, and each use lasts six seconds. When you couple that with the more frequent critical hits that you'll be inflicting, it will help to increase the DPS of many PoE builds, so make sure that you are getting this flask. That being said, you might have a hard time given that it comes from the Cortex Unique map, which is rare in itself.

    Unique Jewels

    There are a number of unique jewels in the game that are going to greatly benefit you. The jewels are capable of altering your passive tree, as well as making changes to the skills that you have. If this is something that you are interested in, then there are certain jewels you'll want to look out for.

    Timeless jewels for example will perform augmentation on your passive tree, which introduces effects or replaces them on your passive features. You have a choice of Brutal Restraint, Elegant Hubris, Glorious Vanity, Lethal Pride and Militant Faith with these jewels. They'll completely change the way in which your passive tree works. Even though it takes a bit of getting used to, it will certainly be worth it.

    For particular PoE builds in the game, you will also find Watcher's Eye effective. This is a jewel that will offer you devastating buffs that have auras with them to help your build. Another cool jewel is Inspired Learning, which will grant you modifiers from a monster you have killed for a period of 20 seconds.

    Remember to keep an eye on PoE Trade too if you want to find useful PoE items for your build. Having unique items in Path of Exile may only be part of the battle. But as you will have seen from this article, there are plenty of brilliant PoE items out there for you to find. Granted some are more useful than others, but this can also be determined by your current build. What are your thoughts on these unique items in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

    Rate this article Best PoE Unique for PoE currency.

    (4.48/5) 364 rates


    Saw PoE name multiple times, but never bothered to check it. Will try to play now.

    1 march 2022 14:54

    Im Path Of Exile player for some time and im really happy for this info for newcomers to this amazing game.

    6 january 2022 17:53

    offer precise gameplay and permit special person builds to be primarily based around them.

    3 october 2022 12:06

    The Best and The Most Expensive Path of Exile Items

    1 december 2021 03:40

    what's up? this so good article.

    4 february 2022 20:25

    nice knformative article thanks

    5 february 2022 18:35

    what a =nice day article to see in game hag and well made

    13 october 2021 08:43

    Nice article, seems like a great game

    24 november 2021 20:54

    Saw PoE name multiple times, but never bothered to check it. Will try to play now.

    12 november 2021 07:02

    Unique items are meant to be less powerful overall than high-level rare items, but offer unique gameplay and allow special character builds to be based around them.

    10 december 2021 16:49