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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 27 february 2018 20:17

    Article Ratchet & Clank

    In 2002, the Sony Playstation 2 got a game of platforms and action from Ratchet and Clank. The development of the Insomniac studios and after many parts acquired by the series over the years and the various PlayStation systems, the development team is developing the remix for the first part on the Playstation 4 with great new graphics and link events With the next film dramatically, if this game is worth the experience? Today we recognize this through our review of the game.

    Ratchet & Clank is a game of action and platforms with an entertaining story and very wonderful characters. Through this adventure you will play Ratchet, a creature of the Lombax from Fastoon and the Polaris, who dreams of becoming superheros and superheroes. Clank is a robot in the failed industry The evil army Chairman Drek, who intends to invade the galaxies and escape from the robot factory and through the spacecraft led him to the planet Ratcht to find a new friend with adventure to save the game, the story of the game is very entertaining and laughable and you will know many of the wonderful characters, Experience the game platforms It offers a story worthy of follow-up and this game offers it.

    Let's talk about the technical aspect of this game. The game, as we mentioned, is remake or re-visualization of the original adventure on PlayStation 2. There are certainly no things to indicate either by re-producing the cartoons or others. The game here looks very wonderful, a vibrant world with amazing colors and very detailed details. For characters, even the furry character of the paint can be seen clearly, in addition to the designs of the worlds, galaxies and various game characters, even with a lot of action on the screen, it is rare to see a rapidly falling tire.

    In addition to the acoustics we can praise the game very much, there is a voice representation of all the characters in the game in addition to the many beautiful tunes that you will hear throughout the adventure, you will face a huge head and if you expect epic music to indicate the next danger, overall, this game on the technical level is very excellent, Ansumniak's team has introduced PlayStation 4 with a game developed from scratch on the device.

    Let's talk about the game itself, Ratchet & Clank is a game of action and platforms, that means defeat many enemies by beating them or using various weapons against them, as well as jumping between platforms to reach the new areas, the game is much different are those weapons owned by Rachet adventure, its use is very important for progress and not The use of the wrong weapon means the end of the game presents a good and difficult challenge in some cases with the multitude of enemies and their various shots from each side, between the ordinary pistol of the flame-thrower of bombs to a weapon makes enemies dance! You will eventually find the weapon that suits you best.

    There is also a system to develop the capabilities of these weapons, the longer you use a weapon, the longer the level or level of it will open up the field by adding more developments through the pieces of metal obtained when you defeat enemies or destroy the funds you have a station you find every stage through which you can develop and buy weapons New and you have to be sure to develop the most important of them and who find it most useful adventure.

    Thanks :)


    Rate this article Article Ratchet & Clank

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    I used to play this game on the paystation portable (psp).Great game, Great article.

    25 august 2019 18:11

    I played it on PS2 too, the game is very fun. I recommend it. Good work.

    9 january 2019 09:18

    I used to play this game on the paystation portable (psp).Great game, Great article.

    21 april 2020 15:53

    this game very Fun

    15 april 2020 10:48