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    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 7 february 2018 10:40

    An interesting puzzle game - Pipes

    Ever thought of a puzzle game that's quite simple and baisc but has something more to it rather than just being a good old puzzle game, Pipes! is for you. This is a puzzle game where arranging is quite basic things where you align or make way for the flow with the long pipe...

    Here's what the game has to offer...

    A pretty good puzzle needs some more additional cosmetic stuff to make it even more interesting than just being a puzzle game. We all might have already seen some puzzle games that feel bored but when that puzzle game is inside an interesting story game or with a lot more interesting stuff than just being an puzzle game, then it'll somehow be a game worth to check out. Well, to be frank, this game is not that much of anticipated game but is quite good in terms of being a arrangement puzzle game.

    All you have to do is just arrange/rotate the pipes in that puzzle such that you'll make a long pipe from the source to destination thus allowing that liquid to flow. The more the animation look cool the more interesting it become, well it of ofcourse designed with kids in mind, I guess but any how all that aside, this game isn't a free to play on steam. This game costs, I agree there are more free to play games that are quite fun....

    Such puzzle games are becoming more common and popular these days only if they have something new or something innovative up their sleeve or they just become some other kind of puzzle game that just releases and no one cares or bothers about it. If a classic puzzle game in embedded into a story based or action packed adventure game then everybody loves it no matter what the stakes are, which makes the puzzle more interesting than it actually is, like in Resident Evil 4, where the puzzles are quite fun to do only if you've played the game... Imagine those puzzles being out of the game then no one would bother to have a look at those puzzles anymore.

    In case you're wondering how the game looks like, the above pictures show the interface of the game, well I think this game will probably run in most of the PCs even the potato computers. Well, here are some steam statistics of the game:

    • Single Player
    • Release Date: 21st December, 2017
    • Publisher: Bullid Games
    • Developer: Bullid Games
    • Positive reviews on steam
    • Has Steam achievements [A total of 99 Achievements available based on levels]
    • 100 levels and likely a lot more than expected
    • Quite fun to play game by clicking the mouse it self making this a clicker game

    so, how to play this game... Well, this is quite a clicker game, mostly point and click on the puzzle pieces to rotate them making a possible way through out the way making a long pipe across the screen...

    10/10 for being a puzzle game but the price for this game is quite, well it might be something else but the idea is pretty good though. If this game is any cheaper or included something more like a lot of achievements or like a lot of stuff that actually matters then the price would've justified but any how good game.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article An interesting puzzle game - Pipes

    (5/5) 3 ratings


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