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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    noobda, 7 february 2018 11:09

    A Wild West top-down shooter game on Steam

    Don't get carried away by the title of the game, the actual name of this game is quite different from the actual game that it offers. It has nothing to do with the name unless you think pretty steeply. The name of this game is "12 is Better Than 6" it is not a number game is what I realized when I first saw this game and then after playing this game quite for a long time, I had my opinions...

    Well this is cow boy shooter type of game but this is a top-down shooter paced game... Read along to find out more about this game...

    12 is Better Than 6:

    Here's an cinematic image or a particular image of the game that's not in gameplay but represents the game quite obviously...

    Don't get lost after watching the picture as that is not actual gameplay or anything, its just an image that represents what the game is all about. 12 is Better Than 6 is a game thats based on the escape story of a slave who is fleeing to United States in the year 1873, pretty old but has its potential to offer a lot more than just a story. The animations that are in the game are quite good after playing for quite a while.

    This game is availabe on Steam but not as a free-to-play game but instead this is a paid game which has quite artwork and soundtrack. You'll notice that this game looks like a paper drawings game but it more likely better in many ways than that. 

    Here is some of the information about this game from steam:

    • Single-Player Game
    • Release date: 20th November, 2015
    • Mostly positive reviews on Steam
    • Developer: Ink stains Games
    • Publisher: Hype Train Digital
    • Has full controller support or you can always use any controller with xinput or with xbox controls that is compatible
    • Has steam achievements [A total of 46 achievements]
    • Has steam trading cards
    • Has Steam Leader boards
    • And this game gets updates, the developerd didn't give up on this game, which is quite a good thing that happens very rarely... Very few games which get updates even they are older, not to mention the games that are multi-player...
    • A pretty good indie game with top-down shooter pace action packed bundle

    I have to warn you guys that this game has a lot of gore content and blood in it, this looks like a normal indie game but offers a lot more than what's its set out to offer. The above image is from the game play itself, you can actually see the game is pretty much black and white along with RED... As usual like any other Wild West game this game's main protagonist used shot guns, revolver and grenades for combat, but everything with a super cool physics involved in this game which look similar to rag doll physics and are quite fun to experiment with. 

    A pretty good shooter game that has a good sound track and physics but that's not all. This game even has a story line to it, you will get to know the story of the game as the game continues along, the story of a wild west man who was a slave and he tries to escape to the United States, I wouldn't like to spoil the ending of the game though, this is actually nice.

    The good part of the game is that you don't need any super computer to play such types of games, all you need is quite some space in your hard drive and some amount of RAM and that's it you're up and rocking this game already. Anyway here are the minimum specifications announced for this game...

    > Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
    > 2 Gigs of RAM
    > A 300 MB of hard disk space for the game
    > Any graphics card, even the inbuld/onbard ones with shader model 3.0 is more than enough to run this game... which means you can run this game with intel HD graphics or with AMD's integrated graphics...

    Overall, this game won the Games JAM Kanoby award 2015, Next castle party's best game showcase award when it actually released...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Wild West top-down shooter game on Steam

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    i dont understand but o k

    21 july 2021 17:49