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    (4.36/5) 243 rates
    Misty, 27 february 2020 16:14

    Aldred Knight - review

    Aldred Knight is an adventure game with two-dimensional graphics that was created on the Unity engine. It was released at the beginning of February this year by BITSTAIN, being also the first game of this publisher, which is available on the Steam platform.

    About the story…

    The game begins with a short story in the form of a comic book that gently draws the plot of the game. The player takes on the role of the title knight, who has sworn to free the kingdoms from the evil that led to their fall.

    Hearing the word "knight", each of us has his image in front of our eyes. In most cases, the appearance of our main character will coincide with them. He is a middle-aged man, wearing white armor and a red cape. He also holds a great sword in his hand, which also somehow testifies to his strength.

    Control and rules

    Moving in the game is intuitive and extremely simple, and the keyboard layout can be changed before starting the game. It is extremely important to customize the buttons according to your preferences, especially since at the very beginning the game is misleading by showing the keyboard layout only for Nintendo consoles, even though I tried this game on the computer.

    The player has not only a sword at his disposal but also magic spells such as throwing a fireball. However, you have to be very careful because their quantity is limited and it is worth keeping their use for emergencies.

    Contrary to appearances, the game is not so easy, because there are many types of monsters in the game, and each of them has a different amount of health and attack system, ranging from breathing fire in a chosen direction, ending with target bullets and jump strikes.

    In addition, our hero, despite the good-looking armor, is not so resistant to damage and just two or three strokes are enough to defeat him. Our Aldred's unique defense is the ability to transform, temporarily gaining a golden, shiny armor that protects him from damage and a sword that deals much more damage. It is worth noting that in addition to the monsters on our way, with each subsequent level there are more and more traps that pose a real challenge. These include sharp piles, fire-blowing skulls, moving platforms, and even spinning axes.

    During the game, in addition to passing the map, we also have side quests that require destroying totems and freeing prisoners. Often, the creators also surprise us with hidden objects. Thanks to this, we will increase our score in the game and get more gold.

    We can spend the gold we earn in the store, which appears many times throughout our game. In it, we can increase the battle capabilities of our hero, as well as stock up on items that will be useful to us in the further game.

    Overall experience

    The game is very nice and despite kitschy graphics encourages the player to continue playing, mainly because of its simplicity, while challenging him with many monsters and traps. One of the advantages of the game is the soundtrack, which is dynamic and reflects the atmosphere of the game. Unfortunately, it quickly comes to the background because of its invariability. Another advantage is the huge number of levels.

    The whole game is divided into three chapters, and each of them contains several levels and a boss to defeat. I must admit that this is a simple game that certainly will not conquer the gaming market, but you can definitely have a good time with it.

    The review written by our moderator: KappaHype

    Rate this article Aldred Knight - review

    (4.36/5) 243 rates


    cause i dont like 2d games like this i feel it bad

    8 march 2020 23:00

    i wish if it was 3d

    8 march 2020 23:00

    a sword at his disposal but also magic spells such as throwing a fireball. However,

    17 march 2020 13:25

    Nicely made article, hope you win those gems

    8 april 2020 14:37

    i swear this game is so funny 2D 😁😁😁

    25 march 2020 13:33

    To be honest really good article

    25 march 2020 00:56

    so funny and good game , i like game like it )

    24 september 2021 19:51

    Probably one of my favorite when it comes to this type of games. Although this article is pretty well organized, i don't see many of the things a Dark Soul game is famous for. Overall a 3/5 .

    5 june 2020 17:45

    it was good artikel Bert mutch info and now i have lurnd somethig

    13 january 2021 07:21

    classic game bored...but i like past

    24 april 2020 01:58