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    Rate this article "A third person Stealth-Tactical Zombie shooter game on Steam"

    (4.33/5) 6 rates
    noobda, 24 february 2018 20:15

    A third person Stealth-Tactical Zombie shooter game on Steam

    A third person shooter game which takes place in kind of apocalyptic stage where you shoot the zombies that try to play with each other and then with you... Well this game already had two parts and this is the third conclusion chapter of the game Zombie Army and this is particularly nice in the perspective of a third person shooter game which is kind of horror and Nazi featuring co-op mode...

    Lets find out more about this game....

    Zombie Army Trilogy:
    This game is the final part or the conclusion of the previous two parts or chapters of the game called Zombie Army 1 and 2... This time this part Zombie Army Trilogy has co-op mode where you slay the zombies that barter in your way while you escape from the apocalyptic situation with your friends. This game is particularly famous for its Nazi-zombie classic style enemies and you'll have to fight those zombies in order to excel in the game so far, that's a better way to understand the game shortly.

    In case you're wondering the gameplay is absolutely third person mode and you'll obviously have an advantage over the bots/zombies as always. And the co-op mode is just nice, but the matter of fact that all the games that feature zombies and are third person are somehow being favourite for the reason that we while playing want more FOV [field of view] rather than playing the game as if its just another Counter Strike.... But to be frank, there are games like Resident Evil 7 which is actually VR and even has that first person mode which will be intense and will even make the game a little bit harder to some extent to some users, especially those who didn't play any first person games like Counter Strike and Far Cry games in a while...

    So, now lets go through some of the details about the game in brief:

    • Single Player game
    • Co-op mode available
    • Release Date: 6th March, 2015 on steam
    • Platforms on which the game is available: Steam [PC-windows], PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    • Developers: Rebellion Developments
    • Publishers: Rebellion Developments
    • Very positive reviews on steam and pretty good reviews over the internet
    • Has Steam Achievements [Has a total of 68 achievements]
    • Has Steam Trading cards
    • Has Steam Cloud saves
    • Has Steam leader boards
    • Offers full controller support, you can always use any gamepad with xbox controls installed
    • In case you might notice, this game has all the four characters form the game called Left 4 Dead franchise... and its pretty good

    The game Zombie Army Trilogy has a pretty good player base and is somehow the decently played zombie games on steam, well actually the player base might increase as there is a discount on the price of that game as of now... And the game is pretty obviously not a free to play game and costs you money to own the game. So, will I be able to play the game, here's the answer....
    You require,
    > A dual core CPU with 64 bit Operating system
    > 2 GB of RAM is pretty much enough but 4Gigs is actually nice
    > Game is pretty big while you download, occupies 15 GB of hard drive storage
    > A pretty decent graphics card is required unless you have the latest Intel HD graphics or onboard integrated graphics bundled with in... Actually a dedicated GPU is necessary for such type of game, but you can always rely on Intel HD Graphics for all such type of games but you might have to compromise on graphics quality and resolution sometimes
    > A small note: This game doesn't run on Windows XP [well no one plays pretty big games on Windows XP anymore, people just use at least windows 7 for big games]

    The above is the screenshot of the gameplay of the game while you're playing with a character in single player mode. You'll have to choose among some characters at the start and then carry on with the task given to you and survive the apocalyptic nazi zombies....
    This game is way more fun and nice with friends [if any] well actually kind of amazing when you play with your homies on co-op mode in the game...

    A pretty decent zombie game that has co-op mode to play with friends and is actually pretty fun while playing co-op mode than expected. The game is pretty well designed and has the essense of the Left 4 Dead game as well as the characters of that game if you have played that game. Over all the reviews of the game are as follows...

    > Steam: 9/10
    > Microsoft: 4/5
    > Metacritic: 62%

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A third person Stealth-Tactical Zombie shooter game on Steam

    (4.33/5) 6 rates


    Interesting article. Zombie games are fun especially when you play with friends. Good job tho.

    25 september 2019 09:58


    23 february 2020 12:50

    Interesting article. Zombie games are fun especially when you play with friends. Good job tho.

    16 june 2019 16:58