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    Rate this article "A 16 Player Survival Game with monsters - SOS [Steam]"

    (3.56/5) 9 rates
    noobda, 24 february 2018 20:47

    A 16 Player Survival Game with monsters - SOS [Steam]

    This game is kind of battle royale but instead of a 100 players or more players this game features only 16 players where you'll either have to be the last man standing or the first person to escape the island that you guys were dropped. Well this game features online multi player obviously, but the lobby or the map or island if you call it right, will feature you and 15 other players along with you without anything and you'll have to loot or scavenge the place in order to survive and escape that island... That's the short way to put this game called SOS

    Lets know more about this game....

    P.S: This game is not a battle royale type of game

    SOS: (sosgame)
    The name of this game is actually SOS but you'll find this game as sosgame or by finding playsosgame on the internet. Your main aim in this game is to escape the island that you and 15 other people spawn, well there are monsters or zombie kind of things that'll try and eat you on that island. You'll have to play smart and outrun your 15 opponents who are humans and outsmart the monsters in the game that want to be fed, well they eat you if you get caught. So you have to wait for the proper time and just get off the island to win the game. Pretty interesting, right.... Well, with 16 player multiplayer this game even has very less to no issues with ping or lag, but well it'll depend on the internet connection of course.

    Ok, I already said 16 player game several times by now, so you can start counting the number of players in the above image if you want to make sure its 16 player game. The mechanism and the smoothness of the gameplay is what matters in terms of online multi player games that are quite first person paced shooter games. Lets see how the gameplay looks like...

    That's just some weapons that are used in self defence while you throw them towards as a distraction or a piece of survival routine. Now, lets go through some brief information about this game...

    • No Single Player mode
    • Online Multi Player game
    • Early Access Game on Steam
    • Release Date: 23rd January, 2018 [release of the Early Access game]
    • Mostly positive reviews so far
    • Developer: Outpost Games, Inc.
    • Publisher: Outpost Games, Inc.
    • As claimed by the developers of this game, the game SOS stays in Early Access for about an year from now
    • No Steam achievements [as of now, as the game is still in early access]
    • No Steam Trading cards [might get added in the near future or not added at all]
    • Not a free to play game though, pretty interesting survival type of game packed with action

    You guys might think, 'oh this game is just escaping from the island, I can do it in a flash, just RUN, right!' well its not that easy as we think of it. Actually there are 15 other people who spawned just like you and there are chances that you might get killed by mosters that act as predators and try to hunt you down on the island... So you must need a plan and patience in order to escape the island, actually planning is the most important part of this game and you'll understand that only after you play for quite a bit and get destroyed by the predators in the game quite a few times.

    Just as any other survival game, this game has Medikits and First Aid kits, when you run out of your health, you'll have to use them in order to keep alive on the island. And if you think of getting this game then probably watch out for these system requirements...

    > Intel Core 2 Duo or actually a quad core CPU is required to run this smoothy
    > 8 GB of RAM is required as you're gonna be loading the whole map of the island in quite a while as you move here and there
    > If you're thinking to play this game without a graphics card then you're probably on the right track but you'll eventually come to a conclusion after playing for a while... This game SOS requires a nvidia GTX660 or above or better graphics card or AMD Radeon's HD 7850 and above series
    > The whole is 8GB as of now, might increase a lot or decrease as this game is under development and is in Early Access with frequent updates fixing and patching the game quite a lot

    Verdict: [Can't judge a game while its still in Early Access but this game is pretty good so far]
    Ok, so this game has a completely nice approach towards the survival type of games, and you'll have to escape the island along with several obstackles which include other 15 players and many predator monsters on the same island which stand in your way to get your escape. This game requires quite a bit of sneaky beaky like and planning if you want to excel in this type of situation based game. This game is pretty good as of now, so far so good kind of game... Requires you to play clever than others and outsmart them in order to win this game...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A 16 Player Survival Game with monsters - SOS [Steam]

    (3.56/5) 9 rates


    Great article

    13 february 2020 03:11

    i agree ^ battle royale

    13 june 2020 12:28

    let's be honest here. Battle royale games are over saturated.

    16 june 2019 16:55