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    Rate this article "A Strategy Survival Game on Mars - Surviving Mars"

    (5/5) 2 ratings
    noobda, 16 march 2018 12:20

    A Strategy Survival Game on Mars - Surviving Mars

    As the title states that its a survival game but unlikely this is not a game like RUST or Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, its based on the construction of a colony in Mars which leads to the survival there. This game recently released completely on Steam, before this day the game was in Early Access, now it is released finally we can check that game out as its out of the development stage. Actually you have to construct some houses and build things which are quite fortunate have an atmosphere there which is artificial of course.... Well, lets find out more about the game...

    Surviving Mars:
    This is a particular strategy game where you have to do all the construction work including building and managing stuff on the planet Mars. You have to be careful whlie not having all the resources might be a problem and you might run into problems when you exhaust all your resources well, that's the part of the game where you have to actually think. There is a digital deluxe edition of this same game where you'll get some fun cosmetic stuff for your buildings, well this game is obviouly a paid game on steam and the DLCs have their pricing individually which makes this game some what pricey.

    Lets go through the steam statistics of this game surviving mars...

    • Single Player Game
    • The game has won Windows Central Choice Award
    • This game has steam achievements [a total of 50 achievements available]
    • Full controller support is available, you can play with your plug and play xbox or xinput/dinput controllers and play right away
    • Has Steam Trading cards
    • Steam workshop is available for this game, so there might be some workshop content available for this game on the workshop
    • Steam Cloud saves available which enables hassle free userfiles and save files for this game across different computers and operating systems
    • Mostly positive reviews
    • Release Date: 15th March, 2018 [released from Early Access]
    • Developer: Haemimont Games
    • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
    • The game is available for Windows, Linux and MAC on steam
    • The game Surviving Mars is also available for consoles like Play Station 4, xbox one

    While the game looks pretty decent the gameplay and physics involved in the game are pretty decent too, you'll be quite interested in the game once you actually play the game for qutie some time. Bear in mind that this game is not completely for all types of gamers, some don't prefer these types of games at all, while some types of gamers only play such types of games and DOTA 2, so it all slips down to personal preference and taste that'll interest you in certain types of games only. The rest of the people might just play the game for quite sometime and then just leave it...

    So, will the game run on potato computers, well the answer is straight away yes as this game can run on integrated graphics pretty well, either way lets go through some of the minimum system requirements of this game in the real experience...
    > An i3 processor or equivalent but you can run this game on Pentium processor quite fine as long as its a Quad core or has hyper threading
    > 4GB of RAM
    > The game runs on Intel HD graphics too while having an dedicated graphics card is quite advantageous you can always run this game with integrated graphics by sacrificing some of the graphics features and compromising on the resolution if needed and you're set to play
    > The game occupies a minimum of 6-7GB of your hard disk space

    Overall this is a quite decent strategy game where you'll have to do all the construction things and be aware of the things going around you while keeping an eye on the constructed buildings in a ceratin place. More over this is like city skylines in different ways...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Strategy Survival Game on Mars - Surviving Mars

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    i love mars and i think this is a cool game thanks to you my dude i really appreciate it 😊

    17 april 2020 17:54