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    (4.6/5) 5 rates
    vinicius_joseph_kratky, 22 september 2017 15:05

    A legendary game of Norse mythology: Rune

    Rune portrays very well the Norse mythology and takes the player to unimaginable places, dream scenarios and breathtaking adventures. Transporting you to the medieval age where Vikings were the conquerors, Rune perfectly combines the melee combat and exploration with a fantastic story, perfectly recreating a period of history characterized by the conquest of power. With great special effects and a perfect balance between weapons and warriors, possibility of single player or multiplayer gameplay, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, 15 various weapons from hammers to all sorts of swords, several enemies, evolved combat system body to body where the player can kill his enemies and enjoy his weapons and a simple and very dynamic inventory.


    Get ready, from now on your name is Ragnar, a young Viking and majestic warrior from a distant era. In a land where justice speaks by the sword. With a dangerous mission. Loki, the black sheep of the Gods, was abusing his powers in all nine worlds until one day he got too far, causing Hodr, the blind son of Odin to kill his own brother Balder with an arrow made of a branch of mistletoe, which in turn had been deceived by Loki. Odin, the greatest of the gods together with his son Thor, god of thunder, decided to hold him with chains hundreds of miles below the surface of the earth, and around him was placed a gigantic snake with an extremely deadly acid poison, torture is immense, the venom ran through Loki's body corroding its organs until it reached the spine, but due to being a god, he is also immortal, and his powers acted in order to slowly heal the havoc made by the venom of the snake. The agony was immense and endless. Because Thor had chained Loki, Odin proclaimed that Loki would remain there, with the immense pain of the venom of the snake until the day when the Ragnarök came and began the greatest of all battles ever made, involving gods (Aesires and Vanires, led By Odin), the Jotuns (fire giants, among other monsters, led by Loki), men and all living beings, changing the fate of everything that will come to exist. In that battle between gods and monsters, it was assumed that Loki would have a mission that was imposed upon him, but Loki was the black sheep remember? Well, Loki has changed the plans a bit ... Well now it's up to Ragnar to stop the dark forces of Loki and advance the fearsome Ragnarök that will lead to the end of the World.


    In the 3D action style, starting with the number of weapons and accessories, the player will have control of a simple sword to powerful axes and giant hammers, each with its characteristic, with a certain sword, for example, it will be easier to kill a certain type of enemy and so on with all other weapons. There is also the possibility to "enchant" your weapon with Runes, which are scattered throughout all phases of the game, that is, when you are very pressed with a large number of enemies, and with enough Rune Power, for example, you can enchant your sword with fire making it much more deadly or catching a super axe that shatters your enemies with only one attack, plus many other powers, as each weapon has a different power. Another very well done system is Berserk, where your character goes into frenzy, in this state it is possible to leave your enemies in pieces with just one attack, you can enter in this frenesi by two ways, using a red rune or cutting the heads of your enemies, to decollate them will increase a bar of "anger", and when this bar reaches the maximum you enter Frenzy, your eyes turn red, your breath is accelerated, and your voice changes, your fierce attacks. The details of the gameplay are amazing, very well studied, such as the parts where the character must climb ropes or vines, making the perfect body movements, or when you need to jump on the elastic to climb higher places, making it a game unique. But that's not all that's make this game so great, many stages require a great logic of the player to move on, an example of is the Loki maze, where once you make a mistake you return to the beginning, or the Dwarf buildings where there are many challenges and not to mention the numerous tunnel-filled watercourses and a deadly Leviathan chasing you, these are just some of the problems the player must face.


    Rune managed to consecrate its time when it was released, and showed that the Unreal Tournament engine was one of the best ever created, and the game shows that everything is realistic, from the way to move, attack and use Runes, Rune supports high resolutions since that your board has these options API's, Direct 3D, Glide, OpenGL, MeTal, and as if it were not enough it does not get too loaded running at high resolutions and with everything activated. The characters are well crafted, giving a great realism to the game. Of couse the graphics are no match for the games of today. Your weapons also have gained special care, looking real, for example, after a bloody battle your clothes and weapons will be completely bathed in blood, but if you are that kind of person who can not stand blood, do not worry, go the nearest river and get wet, and the blood of your clothes and your weapons will go away along with the current. You can still "play" with the body parts of your enemies, such as a leg, arm or even their head, you can throw or use as a weapon. Another very interesting thing is the way you kill your enemies, because some only die if you decollate, others only if you cut their claws, and of course, when fighting against some enemy of the human kind, there is a chance you rip out his arm, causing him to flee from you and spreading blood everywhere.


    The audio matter is excellent, especially when it's created. Hearing the sound of broken shields, the swooping of swords and the cries of suffering and pain that their enemies do when they are killed only further contributes to the player's involvement in the fantastic Viking world. As the songs are also very good, giving even more excitement and enthusiasm to the player. The voices of the voice actors are impeccable, especially Loki's dark voice and his extremely satanic laughter.


    Multiplayer is one of the best for this type of game, if you play with several friends, there're guaranteed frustration, laughter and fun for hours. Throw the heads of your friends, fall into traps, wreckage and at a fast and accurate pace. Certainty is one of the best games of its time. So it's recommended to play in at least six people. As for the connection supports is standard, that is, LAN and TCP / IP are the most recommended.


    Rune is one of the best games I've ever played, for anyone (even who doesn't like multiplayer), there is a large and bright play single player campaign that connects you to the inner soul of the Norse Mythology and to fulfill the goals of the game until the end, Rune will glaze because the game is very extensive and ensures hours and hours of action and adrenaline, the same graphic part is unbelievable, even better than some games today, and the game was made in 2000. In conclusion, RUNE and those games shines to much for his age, and echoes through the heart of those who played this game at the time.

    Rate this article A legendary game of Norse mythology: Rune

    (4.6/5) 5 rates


    Don't challenge a human being who has nothing to lose...

    25 february 2022 03:43

    pretty thurough. sounds pretty good. I think I'll check it out

    18 july 2022 08:35