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    Rate this article "A 2D Rougelike game in dungeons - SUAD"

    (3/5) 2 ratings
    noobda, 24 february 2018 16:58

    A 2D Rougelike game in dungeons - SUAD

    Yet another rouge like game that's quite normal fun for all those 2D lovers... It has the main protagonist an elf girl, actually she's the hero of the game so far in everything.... This game is not a free to play game, instead this game is up for grabs once in a while but quite rare of course at almost good price.

    So, lets find out more about this game

    Shut Up And Dig:
    A steam game featuring 2D platformer but this time a rouge like game where you'll be playing the role of a female protagonist in this game. Actually the hero of this game is a girl, where she is an elf, and you'll have to fight bosses and many enemies you'll eventually fight in the game. And this game is in Early Access from quite a while now, there's no news on when this game will go full release but this game is quite playable now, even while in Early Access...

    Lets go through some main key information about this game from steam:

    • Single Player game
    • Early Access Release Date: 10th November, 2015
    • Has Mixed reviews on steam
    • Developers: Evgeny Shcherbakov
    • Publishers: Atria Games
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 22 Achievements]
    • Has Full controller support, either way you can play with xbox controller or any gamepad with xbox controls embedded in the game's directory
    • Has Steam Trading cards [There are 5 cards and of then you'll be dropped 3 cards by playing the game for quite some time, and the rest of the cards are up for grabs from the steam market or by trading other cards for the cards you want on steam from other community members. Thus gaining a 100XP on crafting the badge named 'The Snake', actually this only increases your steam level which is for the showcases and show offs, but it also increases you maximum friends limit to some extent.

    In case you're wondering the game looks like in the above image, and yes its quite dark if you're pretty cetain of the intense graphics everywhere. Although this is only a 2D platformer game which is rouge like game, you'll find this game quite interesting for some time while you'll be getting bored of this sometime.... But that'll take quite much time though, it will entertain you for quite some time for sure.

    So, this rouge platformer game, does this game run on my laptop/PC with medium specifications? Well, the answer is pretty much simple, you'll be knowing if it'll run or not just by checking the screenshots of the game or watching the gameplay for quite sometime. This is quite self decidable for most of the people, if you're not satisfied with the required system requirements of any game, then you must probably be able to run that particular game at what ever the configuration is available to you by doing some tweaks. Any how, here are the minimum requirements of the hardware that is required to play this game, or games like this which are 2D platformer indie games...

    > Windows XP or higher than that
    > Pretty obviously this game might run on a 32-bit system for sure, but well almost all people are running 64-bit these days though
    > 512 MB of RAM required.... 
    > No graphics card is required in **dedicated GPU** section
    > Game runs on Intel HD graphics or any other integrated graphics
    > The game requires 120MB of hard disk space

    As many seem to think of rouge like games, this is not as much difficult as many other rouge-like games, and instead this game is pretty much normal to play, if we can say that.  This game has quite some secret levels too, once you're done with the regular levels of course.
    This game features randomly generated worlds to DIG, actually there are 5 to 6 different worlds in this game, and you'll find that pretty nice to DIG around. This game has the ability to become a rouge like game...
    You'll have to fight many bosses and demons but the main thing is that it'll get darker and darker when you face someone powerful infront of you, which will make it even more harder but well, its not that much, you can obviously out run that....

    Verdict: [Actually a small peek in of how the game is like, its still in Early Access so can't comment pretty firmly on this game, yet]
    A nice indie game where the whole thing of finding the collectible and artifacts in the game is quite fun and interesting while the game itself is also nice to some extent. There are some puzzles where you'll have to probably have to make something happen before you'll pass that level, you'll take time find out but most probably you'll leave it if you're out of patience.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A 2D Rougelike game in dungeons - SUAD

    (3/5) 2 ratings


    Game looks cool

    6 march 2019 11:34