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    (4.64/5) 11 rates
    noobda, 13 november 2018 18:29

    A 2D Platform Game with repetitive idea

    The Wanderings Dragon is a Steam game which is based on side to side 2D platform style gaming but is identical to a lot of games with the same idea from the past. This game has some minute changes that make this game a bit different but the idea behind it is not new.

    So, the game itself is not a free to play game, instead the game is a paid game on steam store and is under the tag 'Steam is still learning about the game'... and you know the reasons. Lets go straight into the game to find out if its worth it...

    The Wanderings Dragon:
    This game is a small 2D platform game with simple graphics and the main thing in this game is that it features a tiny dragon as the main character. All you have to do is to jump and feed the dragon, and this idea might already has been used like a zillion times yet we have another game with the similar idea but with some minute changes. In case you're wondering if the game looks any better than all other shovel ware games which were removed from steam (at least until steam learns completely about such games, they won't add to your game count), but they show up in the store irrespective of matter. Here's a screenshot of the gameplay from steam...

    In case you're wondering if the soundtrack of such games will be awesome then you might want to check out a gameplay video of these games and then you'll know about that eventually. There are some games where the developers put actual time and effort to make that game unique and awesome in many ways other than being just another game similar to some other game, instead we are now having games which are quite similar to one another in many ways. Now that battle royale is being a thing, it became a genre in gaming slowly and developers are making more and more BR games than ever before. Everything aside, lets check some more about this game, The Wanderings Dragon from steam store.

    • Single Player game
    • Released on: 28th July, 2018
    • Developer: Nekyau Games
    • Publisher: Nekyau
    • Reviews: The store page shows as no reviews but there are some reviews which are not that positive though
    • The game is tagged as Action, Indie, Adventure game with casual gaming in mind but its more like a repetitive idea in gaming.
    • There are no achievements as of now
    • There are no Steam Trading cards by which you can complete a set and craft a badge to increase the steam level of your account.
    • The game is only available in English, the UI is single lingual
    • Very less player base for such type of games is quite expected and the case here is no different
    • Steam is learning about this game - which means that if this game is an asset flip or a true game is being verified by steam and its under process and until then the game doesn't count towards your game count if you own this game (or any game with similar tag)

    Lets check out what the description of the game claims it to be...
    A game from distant past where people lived in hidden places and dragons lived on the surface of the ground. The features of the game are expressed as follows:
    The game has bright and pleasant graphics
    Good soundtrack with fascinating gameplay including secret locations, well I'm not sure about secret locations but there might be...

    So, such games require some basic hardware to be able to run this game decently. Lets check that out...
    > Intel Celeron is enough to run this game accordingly
    > 512 MB of RAM is sufficient
    > The graphic requirement states that it requires nvidia GTX 480 but we can run this game on Intel HD graphics for sure
    > 200 MB of hard disk storage is required

    Once there was a time when the games on steam used to give game count and people used to buy bundles and bundles of cheap and small steam games. Now that asset flip games are not that encouraged they got removed from game count, so a game needs to meet steam's requirements in order to be a countable game. Moreover this game The Wanderings Dragon and a bunch of games included in the bundle of this dev's collection, all are similarly tagged and won't add to +1 in game count. You can only expect such games to be  a decent time pass for quite a while before you get bored and move on to another game....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A 2D Platform Game with repetitive idea

    (4.64/5) 11 rates


    nvidia GTX 480

    14 november 2018 02:44

    about such games, they won't add to your game count), but they show up in the store irrespective of matter.

    11 november 2019 06:17

    Looks good well presented nicely orgenised keep it up

    13 november 2018 22:40

    really good

    30 july 2019 07:15