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    FarrelwiZ, 5 january 2018 12:20

    8 Characters in the World Games Return to Live's New

    Generally, we will begin this new year by making certain resolutions such as for example want to havea body goal Like the athletes, or want to immediately put an end to loneliness or may also want to eradicate crime like a superhero . Whatever it is surely each of us want to start and run the new year with a new life.

    This article has nothing to do with the resolutions of such terrific. But nothing to do with the new life of the characters in the game world. These characters must undergo "a new life" for a particular case such as loss of memory, fate and others.

    1. Slayn Wilder


    Amnesia is a disease that is often experienced by the characters in soap operas as well as the real world. Generally, this disease experienced by individuals who do not want to recall everything that has lived, whether it was intentional or not.

    Slayn Wilder is the protagonist of the series Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness . White-haired man (or silver) is found unconscious by Annette even he can not remember his name when asked by him. Annette then give it a name Slayn Wilder.

    In the end, it is known Slayn just a soul of an assassin nicknamed the Dark Lord were then taken possession of Gray Gilbert (body used Slayn when the event Growlanser III underway), a childhood friend of Annette. At the end of the story Slayn given the choice to die or continue to live.

    2. Adol Christin


    The protagonist of the universe Ys is one of the most apes fared character in the game world. How not, Adol finds always stranded somewhere who is going great or even catastrophic conflict that would destroy the area in the future. As with the other protagonist, Adol swiftly settle all the problems in the area.

    Either condemned by anyone or anything that Adol continues to end up like this. Adol This unique adventure will continue in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of the Fund . It is probable that the strange destiny Adol the Red continued until that time could not be determined.

    3. Fei Fong Wong

    Maybe you've thought about "life after death". Some people call it reincarnation. This was experienced by the protagonists of Xenogears this. Fei has experienced repeated reincarnation, pulling in all the life she lived Fei has almost the same appearance and always paired with the same woman that Elly.

    The thing to remember is in each of her new life, Fei often have a bitter life story. But at the end of the story Xenogears , Fei was able to find happiness with true love Elly.

    4. Serge

    For gamers who never played Chrono Cross must understand that this game is one game that has the plot confusing. Moreover, in those days, yet sophisticated internet technology now that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, so we as gamers have to play this game over and over again to understand what actually happened.

    Serge is the main protagonist of Chrono Cross that has the ability to explore other dimensions. For one reason or another, Serge stranded in a world where he is considered to have died in the past, and Serge trying to find out the truth herself. At the end of the story, Serge lose the memory of adventures that have happened, but it seems still left little bits of memories that sometimes flashed in his head.

    5. Tidus


    Tidus is a player blitzball of Zanarkand, a highly advanced metropolis in its time.  Machina War that occurred between Zanarkand and Bevelle ended with the defeat of the leader Zanarkand- and cause Zanarkand- at that time Yu Yevon, Zanarkand and create expense of Dream Zanarkand.

    Dream Zanarkand was created with the intention of maintaining Zanarkand- in its heyday in the dream world. In this way Zanarkand and all its inhabitants will live forever. Tidus own existence in the events of Final Fantasy X is simply a fayth or memory, as well as other Zanarkand residents. Because of his father's intervention that Jecht, which has been the Sin, so Tidus able to "come to life" 1000 years later is the time where Yuna cs begins its journey.  But , at the end of the story  of Final Fantasy X , by the destruction of Sin and Yu Yevon, the entire fayth that is then able to rest in peace and Tidus as part of fayth also suffered the same fate.

    In the end, in the event of Final Fantasy X-2 Tidus revived by the Fayth are on request Yuna.

    6. Adam Jensen

    Robotic technology is a technology that is likely to continue to grow in the future. The use of these technologies alone can be applied in many fields such as medical, industrial, machinery and others. Talking about the use of this technology in the medical world we will be reminded of the figure is Adam Jensen.

    Adam Jensen is a security expert who got seriously injured while performing their duties. The man who became the protagonist of the series Deux Ex then get a modified cybernetic on his body. Investigate a investigate turns on his childhood Adam was the only child who survived the experiments conducted by White Helix Labs . As a result of this experiment, Adam has a body shape that is very compatible to do augmentation.  Adam will have no adverse effects as a result of the augmentation or modification cybernetic .

    7. Commander Shepard

    Lieutenant Commander Shepard is the human protagonist of the series Mass Effect , where gender, appearance and first name can be changed according to our wishes as a player . In Mass Effect 2 , we are told that Normandy, spaceship where Shepard served in it, was attacked by a spaceship unknown. Normandy is destroyed and Shepard bounced into space and die out of breath.

    It turns out there are organizations capable and eager to revive Shepard. By using advanced technology, the body Shepard successfully reconstructed and resurrected. However, Shepard stood not in perfect condition as before, there are still scars on his face where the scars may be lost if Shepard positive minded or also known as Paragon Systems .

    8. Please Name Your Character

    These characters represent individuals who do not have a persona that has been specified by the developer . Nonetheless, carried their fate is not light and they have a "new life" due to certain unique things. Take for example the Dragons Dogma , where the protagonist is taken heart by the Dragon and is still alive. Investigate a investigate, the dragon is not arbitrarily choose the person who will take heart. Only someone who was considered worthy by the Dragon who will take heart. People who fared apes this is referred to as Arisen.

    Another example is the Grim Dawn . In Grim Dawn , the main protagonist is someone who is possessed by Aetherial , creatures from another dimension. Naas for him, a group of people tried to kill him with the hope Aetherial possessed him will come off too. Luckily, Aetherial it out of him before the murder, but this causes the protagonist loses her memory. And it was predictable, he will lead a new life by killing Aetherial and other strange sentient beings and to help our fellow human beings.

    That is part of the characters in the game world that is out of necessity or not to undergo a new life. Whatever happens, they still accept the fact and moved onSo, what say you?

    Rate this article 8 Characters in the World Games Return to Live's New

    (2/5) 2 ratings


    nice article kep the work up

    12 january 2020 00:24