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    OrangutanGanja, 16 january 2018 08:29

    5 new cool CES 2018 gadgets revealed

    The Consumer Electronics Show held at Las Vegas this year had a lot of different cool gadgets being showcased ranging from a 100 dollar value to that of 1000's. Here are few notable ones showcased by the top brands in the form of prototypes that they are thinking to release within the consumer base.

    NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Displays

    The Nvidia BFGD's aren't quite exactly smart TV's but rather 65-inch Gaming display monitors which are world's first, meant for the high-end PC gaming market. The Big Format Gaming Displays wield a high precision 4K HDR panel, built by HP, Acer and Asus and provides a solution for the ultimate stutter-free, tear-free, 4K at 125Hz gaming experience be it for the living room or the desktop. The Nvidia BFGD's also feature the well known G-SYNC technology, much more efficient than Vertical Sync and is fitted with an NVIDIA SHIELD which gives users access to Youtube at 4K, Amazon Prime shows, Netflix, Twitch streams and much more. The Big Format Gaming Displays also contain a full array backlight, optimized HDR brightness made in collaboration with AU Optronics to deliver an unmatched ultimate gaming experience.

    Intel Kaby Lake-G Processors

    Previously last year we saw the departure of AMD Graphics department head Raja Koduri to Intel and speculations of Intel working closely with AMD graphics department to produce APU chips. This year, we see the fruits of their collaboration harvest as Intel announced their new 8th gen Intel processors with RX Vega M Graphics chips. The processor will host a Kapy Lake processor while the graphical part is an RX vega AMD chip both paired together side by side, all of which is set to release in Q1 of 2018. The processors will contain 4 cores with a Maximum Turbo Frequency of 4.20 GHz, a processor Base Frequency of 3.10 GHz with an 8 MB cache size. The RX vega M GL chips will not be overclockable while the RX vega M GH chips will definitely be overclockable both of which will sport around 1200-1500 stream processors with base frequency of around 1000 MHZ. It is quite unnatural at times to see two both behemoth competitors shake hands and collaborate on a new product, but the ultimate winner however will be the consumers.

    HTC Vive Pro

    HTC announced the new HTC Vive Pro, an enchanced better version of its predecessor HTC Vive. It features a 2880x1600 AMOLED display with a much clearer image quality with an increased 78 % pixel rate. With an Ergomonic design. The HTC Vive Pro will have better cushion contours, supporting a new nose pad block, cloth-lined foam and included nose rests for better shape and comfort. The FOV will remain same at 110 degrees but will have better functionality with SteamVR system, Wireless accessibility, Hi-Res 3D spacial audio and an integrated microphone. The Vive Pro has been made with all special qualities to target a wider VR enthusiasts and audience.

    Nvidia's Game Streaming Service - GeForce Now

    Nvidia introduced their GeForce Now Tech for the PC gaming platform as a solution for streaming the highest quality games from highly efficient cloud GeForce Now servers, be it from a 10 year old PC Rig or a brand new 4K gaming PC. The GeForce Now streaming service has been there for quite some time for the Apple Mac, as a free beta. It is however to be noted that in order to use the Nvidia Streaming app fluidly, users will have to own a gigantic 50 Mbps internet connection speed and they need to be fairly close to one of Nvidia's date centre that Nvidia created across the globe in order to make cloud streaming efficiently possible. Nvidia however are not quite confident and dosen't know when the service will be available and go live. As of now, the GeForce Now hosts around 150 steam games and 6 uplay titles as game-ready to stream with more game to be added later.

    Razer Project Linda

    Project Linda is a cool new prototype in the works that Razer showcased, it turns a Razer phone into a fully functional laptop. Project Linda is basically a dummy Laptop which works as a lapdock, weighs 1.25 kg and has a holder/placement where a Razer Phone can be kept, in doing so the lapdock's 13 inch screen projects everything that the Razer Phone is showing on-screen. The entire project is made of CNC aluminium with features such as chroma lighting, backlit logo, 120 Hz touch input screen and has a fully customizable keyboard for ease of access with the Razer phone's android apps. Project Linda hosts 8GB of RAM, 53.6Wh battery, Snapdragon 835 and a 200 GD storage as hardware capabilities inside of it wired together to form all the difficult android tasks. As of now, the price of Razer's Project Linda has not been disclosed yet but it is seemingly attracting a lot of android developer's eyes in both gaming and app development departments.

    Rate this article 5 new cool CES 2018 gadgets revealed

    (4.5/5) 2 ratings


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