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    Julio_Lokin, 19 october 2017 18:48

    5 free mobile games you need to know

    Today, people use their smartphones for just about anything, especially to spend fun times with games that are increasingly interesting. We know that when it comes to mobile, we see many titles with the free-to-play business model, that is, you do not have to buy the game to enjoy it. Games like this, have - usually - a system of microtransactions, an efficient way to make money, whereas it does not hurt so much in the user's pocket.

    There are those, like me, who do not spend much, or zero, on mobile games and so we came to bring this list for that purpose - to show interesting games that work for free. We do not have the pretension here to elect the BEST, but we have those who we have contact with and we have a lot of fun, so this list will have part 2, 3 4 and so on.

    Another point that we want to highlight is that with this article, we hope to get away from the obvious, of the games that are of general knowledge, like the series Clash of, Angry Birds and the famous Candy Crush. It is worth mentioning that all this games that we are indicating is because we play, we know well and we like.

    Let's go to the list of 5 free mobile games that you need to know:

    1 - DDTank

    Who here is of the old guard and did not try DDTank does not know what is missing. This is undoubtedly one of the most fun and addictive.

    A game in the style of Worms, but with very nice customizations, super powerful weapons, cool scenarios and always exciting combat. The goal is simple: you need to defeat your opponent on the other side of the screen, and for this, you need to use all of your arsenal as well as special powers like flights, much used when it is without angle to attack. Remember that the game has a robust single player - with bosses and many other missions - great fun, but also coop mode - with many legal missions - that is, in addition to the challenging task of destroying the opponent, I guarantee that it will also bring good laughter with your friend.

    It is important to say that DDTank has super respected championships that bring great prizes. One of them seeks to bring the best rankings of the game, another acts in a different way, which will be selected in various ways such as Facebook event, page events to be drawn and the idea is that anyone can participate. Something very interesting and innovative, because it motivates new players to enter this universe. To know more news and how to participate in this championship, as well as formats and other information, give a look here. That is, the game is great for those who like to play for fun, but rather attractive for those who like more excitement and a fierce competitive.

    DDTank has a very attractive look and bright colors. I played a version for the PC years ago, but when I heard about the mobile version, I tried to experiment and it was worth it. I strongly recommend it.

    2 - Score! Hero

    Perhaps one of the most different, yet interesting, football games. In Score! Hero you live a player who needs to rise in life, just like in real life. There is a legal history of contracts, achievements and career, but what makes you gamble in that title is highly intelligent mechanics.

    Using your finger (or your own stylus, if that is your cell phone), you will make the ball trajectory, find your player to score the goal, or give him assistance to move the board. The opponents will be in place to ruin your moves, but there is a turn-back feature, so you can try again, in a different way.

    It is a different, strategic and addictive style of playing football.

    3 - Ramboat

    A casual but addictive game that puts you in a boat in full war and the shot eats loose from all parts. You will face soldiers, mortars, submarine planes and many other dangers going through phases that gradually increase the difficulty. You'll be able to buy more powerful new boats, improve your weapons, buy characters and with them different arsenals and special powers to make your game more fun and challenging.

    One of the coolest Ramboat elements is the characters that you buy, although they do not have the names of celebrities, because they do not have the rights, they use physical characteristics - that is - we see Rambo, Elvis, Terminator, Neymar and many others. Another aspect that is interesting to mention is the camera, which depending on your move, you can see in slow motion, giving a special air to the game.

    4 - Marvel Future Fight

    This is a game that surprised me. Marvel Future Fight brings the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe in a game that not only puts you into quick adventures against villains and other side-missions, but allows you to evolve, gain new powers, new costumes (which change the character's gameplay ), face the biggest villains of the HQ in search of resources to get even stronger. It is an extremely addictive and very challenging game.

    In this action RPG, there are innumerable game modes ranging from pvp, invading cosmic bosses, daily bonuses to rare items, missions to get special heroes such as Doctor Stranger, Wolverine, Magneto, etc.

    Marvel Future Fight lives updating and bringing good and new content to keep the game interesting. Highly recommended!

    5 - Vainglory

    This game is a full plate for those who like MOBA. This genre, much acclaimed in the current moment of the competitive scenario, is one of the most played and why there is a spectacular version for mobile? Well, the Vainglory covers that gap with great quality.

    It is worth knowing, because you will see a map that is very well fitted and super suited to the game, as well as cool characters with cool and very powerful strokes. Obviously it drinks from the LoL and Dota fountain, with lane, jungle, towers and everything that surrounds the genre, but Vainglory has its own style that is worth knowing.

    Rate this article 5 free mobile games you need to know

    (5/5) 1 rating


    hei disig how i gat saulgames

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    Nice article

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