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    Julio_Lokin, 19 october 2017 18:42

    5 free browser RPGs to run on any PC

    RPG games can already be considered world passion. The genre, which originated from the sensational game of paper and board, appeals to the hills, whether long console games or mobile, but a style in question, which has attracted a lot of attention for being easy to use, are games that run directly from the navigator.

    This is a facilitator in many ways, such as the convenience of not having to download, being able to easily access other machines and requiring much less power from the machines you own. Over time, this type of game has gone from being a simple and fast game, being improved for super complex games and full of interesting adventures that rival high-level games.

    Dragon Awaken

    Having a very good acceptance by players from various places in the world. Dragon Awaken is free-to-play and has a story that mixes mythology with medieval and always brings Dragons, creatures that never go out of style, to a fantastic level and full of different ideas.

    The combats are based on dynamic turns which, while reminiscent of that nostalgic era of old RPGs where you had more time to think, give you a more hands-on fight, in which there is a time for your attack, if you run out, the character will automatically strike. Charismatic characters, fantastic creatures, cool skills and full of excitement make it an addictive game that will bring good hours of fun.

    Naruto Online

    Based on the successful Anime / Manga, Naruto Online has a special combat mechanic, in turn, always bringing the most powerful and most iconic heroes in the original story. You can combine formations, evolve the characters to become stronger, collect special items, do missions around the world without counting on one of the main attractions of the game: The Ninjas Wars. Countless clans wage fierce battles to come out with victory.

    It is an addictive game with a strong appeal to the anime, joining elements of surprise collection and other bonuses that motivate you to play more and more. A universe you probably already know, but not that way.

    Drakensang Online

    A browser game that has been raising quite a lot of eyebrows for having a great look and remember enough Diablo in its mechanics and design. You can choose warrior classes and go through the maps defeating creatures, joining experience and evolving to become stronger and stronger.

    Drakensang has in PVP arena as a great attraction for those who like the competitive part. This motivates the player to become stronger and stronger to make the combat even more exciting.


    For over 15 years on the air, this was one of the first games to run entirely in browser. The game has evolved a lot in recent years, gaining improvements in mechanics, structural and especially visual, as there are significant improvements in graphics, dynamic lighting and other impressive aspects for such a game.

    In Runescape you travel through hostile, but very well built, always huge and full of possibilities of exploration. You can complete numerous missions, not necessarily having to follow the main story, that is, in this aspect, Runescape is freer.

    Like every good MMO, a lot of surprises happen frequently, which helps to motivate new players and keep those who are already there.

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    Eldevin remembers RuneScape a bit in the basic mechanics. Players must protect the kingdom of the same name from the game against the evil forces of the Infernal Empire of Tristan.

    Eldevin has numerous choices to build his character's different abilities, with a very extensive tree and more than 100 options that will turn his characters into increasingly powerful heroes. You'll also be able to choose more than 14 professions, which allow players to craft lethal weapons, equipment and special items, and other very interesting details to make your journey even more challenging.

    It is a very addictive game that puts you in a fantastic world full of dangers, but always using the good old RPG to get endless hours of fun.

    This is my friends, we try to find fun games that will run quietly in your browser. Take a look at these titles that we place for you and tell us if they have already played, played, or are planning to play. If you have already played, leave your feedback and good fun.

    Rate this article 5 free browser RPGs to run on any PC

    (3.6/5) 5 rates


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