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    Rate this article "-Review - Dead by Daylight-"

    (4.3/5) 20 rates
    bakeee17, 8 december 2018 14:34

    -Review - Dead by Daylight-


    Do you know those moments when in an inexpensive horror movie the character has a great idea and ends up under a motorcycle?
    And did you ever want to be one of those stupid?
    Of course you did not, but did you want to be the disturbed killer with a bag on your head and a cat in your hand? Well, okay, maybe you did not.

    Dead by Daylight is just that - an asymmetric cat and mouse stunt where four players are trying to escape the 5th who kills them. Survival horror has always been a genre focused on single player experience because it is widely understood that things are not so terrible when you have fear with whom to share.Has Dead by Daylight succeeded in proving the opposite? In short, it is, but it could do it far better.

    Particularly interesting is the design of the perspective of these two different roles, because while the first-person killer is focused on the prey, the rest of the team flees to a third person and thus have a larger field of vision. The idea is in place and there is no doubt that gameplay can be tense, especially when you know that there is no lifeless computer behind a bloody killer.
    Overall, you have four victims without any clear differences, three different killers who still do the same thing, several folders that are all bizarre-like and only one kind of "match", that is, the fashion in which it is fleeing or hunting.

    The main attempt to keep things unpredictable lies in random generating levels. Regardless of the fact that each time "different", in the end somehow everything looks the same, almost uniform. Here and there, there are a few chapters, and one map is highlighted by the bend, but do not expect any hollowed-in courtyards and villas of interesting architecture and hidden passages.Only one playable mode in which the victims win so that they find and repair the generators to enable them to escape while the killer is trying to get hooked does not relieve the feeling of repetition. There are some alternative ways of winning here because of this, everything is soon to become predictable and somehow pre-calculated.

    "Random Level Generation does not help when the design of the environment is already starting to be uniform."

    The whole thing becomes better later when you finally unlock new abilities and objects like field maps, toolboxes, or first aid, but this process is now unnecessarily stretched and slowed down. As you make such interesting choices and new ways of playing, you will be able to repair these generators for a thousand times so that the horror becomes a mechanic simulator. You can find some sort of relief from these repairs so that you try to kill the killer, but then those goddamn hooks are starting to create similar problems.

    There are some things that you might not have been so obvious at first glance - such as the lack of control options or some of the speed of an internet connection with the killer. Namely, the host is always a killer, so if you do not have a good relationship with him, expect the greatest horror of this story - a lag that will turn your escape into chaotic surfing by the woods.Tension in a forest quill is rising mainly because you do not want to die without a connection and lose the valuable items you are about to win, not because you care about the character you play because of his personality.

    "The killer is always a host, so if you do not have a good relationship with him the biggest horror in the whole story is the lag."

    But it's not all that bad because there are some fine details - for example, in the forest there are birds that react to your movements so that they can detect you while you are swirling in the fog, and when the killer begins to bleed and you leave a trail of blood it's never a good sign. Heartbreaking heartbreaks reveal you the level of danger, and all this is exciting moments that point you to a change of mindset. However, all these are some basics that stand on their own but the current state is a "skeleton & skin" package that resembles the Steam Early Access edition and does not state itself as such.

    "This is currently the "bone & skin" package though it is not a Early Access game."

    In balanced doses, it may remain quite interesting and tense, and while some of the "stumbling blocks" of the folder have somehow reconciled, due to the limited variation of Dead by Daylight, we are currently alive to the bull.
    The ability to play with friends should appear "soon"

    Dead by Daylight is an interesting animation with which you can kill a few hours in the dead of night but there is still work on it. And that's a lot of work.This is a solid proof of the potential concept that could one day be fulfilled. Until then, this is a multiplayer game you can not play with the players of your choice.


    Rate this article -Review - Dead by Daylight-

    (4.3/5) 20 rates


    perfect game

    25 april 2020 08:55

    Seems authentic, although it has some grammar issues. But I guess it passes.

    8 december 2018 19:38

    Really great game, esapcially when you play with with your friends.

    12 january 2021 12:45

    really good game :)

    9 december 2020 17:41


    9 december 2018 07:30

    This is my favorite game from all the time.

    14 february 2020 06:36

    Good enough for me.

    8 december 2018 17:12

    Good im thinking to buy the gama with gem souls and thanks for informations

    2 march 2019 10:32

    It's a great game, it's definitely worth the gems

    13 july 2019 17:59

    Every time I see this game I remember Jason vorhees

    10 december 2018 09:32